Nonfiction Books About Winter and Snow

I’ve shared some great snow and winter-themed picture books lately in keeping with the season and weather around my area right now. But what if you want to teach kids some of the science behind the winter season?

I think that good books are usually a better- and more interesting- way to learn than just reading a chapter in a textbook, so in this post I’m sharing some good nonfiction books that you can read with the kids to learn about winter and snow.

nonfiction books about winter and snow

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Animals in Winter by Henrietta Bancroft and Richard G. Van Gelder

How do animals cope with harsh weather in the winter months? Read to find out what animals do in the winter.

Winter Wonderland (National Geographic Kids) by Jill Esbaum

This book is all about the things kids can experience during winter. Kids will be drawn to the beautiful photographs of real kids.

Snow Is Falling (Let’s Read and Find Out Science Stage 1) by Franklyn Branley

Kids can learn some of the science behind snow and snow storms as well as interesting facts about snow in this easy-to-read book.

The Story of Snow: The Science of Winter’s Wonder by Mark Cassino

Kids can learn about how snowflakes are formed and see some awesome illustrations and magnified snowflakes in this book.

How Do You Know It’s Winter? (Rookie Read-About Science) by Lisa M. Herrington

How do you know it’s winter? This book takes a look at some of things that make up winter. It includes facts about the weather, animal behavior in winter, and some of the fun things we can do in winter.

Do you have a favorite read aloud about winter or snow? Let me know in the comments.

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