Practice Beautiful Handwriting and Create Beautiful Works of Art with The Art of Cursive Logic

Once upon a time there was a little girl. She went to a small private school and was a definite over-achiever. This little girl would have been on the straight A honor roll every quarter…except for one thing. She always got B’s in handwriting.

Oh, yes, my friends. Handwriting was a graded subject. And each week, this little girl, along with her elementary-aged classmates, would have a handwriting “test.” The idea was to copy a paragraph in perfect cursive, to make it look as much like the given sample as possible.
And every week this little girl was the last one finished with her test. She had spent over forty-five minutes, until her teacher insisted she finish. She had crumpled up four or five attempts and started over that many times. These tests usually ended in tears for her. And yet she still couldn’t make A’s on the tests.

Cursive Logic adult coloring book review

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The little girl in this sad, sad drama was me. I absolutely hated learning to write in cursive. As soon as I was beyond the point where cursive was required by teachers in my classes. I never used it. As an adult I’ve only ever used cursive when signing my name or on a very formal or legal document. I’ve taught my kids to recognize the cursive letters, but I’ve left it up to them to use cursive writing or not.
A couple of years ago, I had the opportunity to review a cursive writing program through The Homeschool Crew. Cursive Logic has a unique approach to teaching cursive writing. I used the program with my youngest child who was then just learning to form cursive letters, and I was surprised to find that I actually liked this method of teaching cursive writing.

About the Cursive Logic Program

I went into detail about how Cursive Logic works in my first review. Basically, the program groups the cursive letters based on shape. Students learn through tracing and then writing a shape string. After all, cursive letters are connected, so it makes sense to learn them by writing them in a connected string.
The program uses different colors to differentiate the different strokes and shapes. It also involves lots of tracing, moving from heavy tracing to light tracing and then to writing independently. I was impressed by the way it worked for us, and I thought at the time, “I wish I had had the opportunity to learn cursive this way.”

Cursive Logic writing page from The Art of Cursive Logic

The Art of Cursive Logic 

The company now has a brand new product that is perfect for adults like me who never really got comfortable with cursive handwriting and would like to improve. Their new book combines condensed lessons to teach the basic shapes and practicing shape strings with beautiful coloring pages and copywork pages so that older writers- like me- can improve in cursive handwriting while enjoying the relaxation of coloring. I got to see a sampling of the new book which is currently a work in progress.
The book has condensed cursive writing lessons. The lessons cover the basic shapes used in writing the lowercase cursive letters. After being introduced to the shape through tracing and writing, the user practices writing a letter string with cursive letters that use that shape.
In addition to the lessons are beautiful coloring pages. These pages have a design with a cursive quote woven in. Along with each coloring page is a copywork page that allows the user to trace and write the quote from the picture.

The Art of Cursive Logic book cover adult coloring book and cursive writing practice

How to Get the Book

The Art of Cursive Logic is currently in the development stage. You can learn more about the book and preorder it in this Kickstarter campaign. You can also get a free page from the book in exchange for a Facebook share. This will give you a chance to see this awesome book.

Who Will Love It?

Fans of the new adult coloring books will love the beautiful pictures in this book. I’ve been coloring as a relaxation method, and I love the coloring pages in this book. 
If you are an adult who wants to practice and perfect your cursive handwriting this is for you. The lessons are condensed and meant for older users, so you can learn the Cursive Logic method in a way that isn’t necessarily intended for little people. 
Older teens who need to practice cursive handwriting but don’t want a childish handwriting curriculum will love this book as well. When my sample arrived, I thought I was going to have to fight Kathryne, my oldest, for it. I think she’ll end up wanting her own as well.

The Art of Cursive Logic review

I’m excited about using this new book to practice my cursive writing. I’ve been practicing the lessons in my sample, and I’d love to order the full book. If you love coloring and want to improve your cursive handwriting, check out the Kickstarter campaign and share on Facebook to get your free sample page.

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