Review of Deep Water: A Medical Mystery/Suspense

Although I wouldn’t consider medical mysteries my favorite genre, I do really like a well-written medical suspense read. I’ve recently finished Deep Water by Christine Poulson and really enjoyed it. She was a new to me author, and I always like finding new favorite authors when I’m reviewing a book.

Review of Deep Water by Christine Poulson

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About the Book

Daniel is a lawyer and is called back from vacation to take a case with a high-profile, high-paying client. The client is a bio-lab where research on a drug to be used to treat obesity is going on. Another drug company is claiming to have discovered this drug first, and it’s Daniel’s job to prove who really did.
There are a number of “coincidences” however. Daniel’s ex-wife was the first lawyer on the case, and she died in a mysterious car accident. The lab where the obesity research is going on also happens to be the lab where a research intern is studying a possible cure for a genetic disease that Daniel’s daughter has. On top of all these, mysterious things are happening in the lab that seem as if someone or someones are going to great lengths to cover up or disrupt the research.
Daniel and his family as well as Katie, the research intern, get caught up in all of the mysterious happenings and soon find themselves in possible danger.

My Thoughts

The characters in the story were fairly well developed. There was definitely more action and dialogue and less internal thought. But I still could get to “know” the characters fairly well.
The action was interesting, and the book was hard to put down. It was fast-paced which kept me wanting to read that one more chapter. And it was a pretty easy read, so I finished it in just a couple of days.
I liked the climax and resolution. I did think there were a few things that seemed a little too nicely wrapped up and not very realistic. But it was okay and didn’t detract from the book.
I give Deep Water four stars and a PG-13 rating for violence and adult situations. You can find the book on Kregel here and on Amazon here. You can read a Kindle preview of the book below.

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