Review of Faith in Every Footstep: A Powerful Story About the World's Toughest Dogsled Race

I have to admit that I’m a sucker for dog stories. I love, love, love my Blondie dog, and I love reading about the bond between dogs and humans. So when I saw the synopsis of Faith in Every Footstep by Wesley Banks, I knew I wanted to read this one. I know there are other books by the author, but he was a new author for me.

Faith in Every Footstep by Wesley Banks review

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About the Book

Kyle, a South Carolina native, has been training dogs most of his life. He has a special bond with a rare breed of dog that comes from the lowlands of South Carolina- the Carolina Grays. He’s trained his dogs for something surprising- The Yukon Quest. This is the days long, arduous race that covers areas of dangerous and difficult conditions in Alaska. He’s trained his dogs to be sled dogs.
No one holds out much hope for Kyle, a rookie to sled racing. And his dogs, not bred to be cold weather dogs, are surprising as well. But Kyle amazes everyone with his calm, cool, collected approach and the preparedness of himself and his dogs.
When a storm hits during an extremely difficult leg of the race, Kyle and his lead dog, King, are challenged beyond even the conditions of the race when they attempt to help an Inuit family in distress.

Faith in Every Footstep review

My Thoughts

I loved it even more than expected. It’s a definite page-turner, one you won’t want to put down. The character development is amazing. I felt as if I got to know, not only Kyle and the other human characters in the story, but also the dogs. I could feel Kyle’s bond with his dogs. And through his thoughts and behavior, I came to know them as he did- their strengths, their idiosyncrasies, their determination.
Parts of the book weren’t easy to read. I was stressed when Kyle was. I felt his fear. I felt his determination. I felt his response to his dogs and their needs. But I also felt overwhelming joy and pride in the strength and ability of these amazing dogs.
I can definitely recommend this one. I loved it. It’s one you’ll have trouble putting down, so choose a time when you can read, read, read and finish this one quickly.

Faith in Every Footstep by Wesley Banks

You can find video trailers of the book here and here. And you can find the book on Amazon here. You can read a Kindle preview of the book below.

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