Review of The Women of Easter by Liz Curtis Higgs

I’ve read quite a few books authored by Liz Curtis Higgs, fiction and nonfiction. Her writing always touches me and stirs me to want to know more about Christ and to live more like Him as well. I recently had the opportunity to read The Women of Easter, a book that looks at the crucifixion and resurrection through the eyes of three women who were close to Jesus.

Review of The Women of Easter by Liz Curtis Higgs

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About the Book

Liz Curtis Higgs takes readers through the last days of Jesus and the encounters between Him and three women- Mary of Bethany (the sister of Lazarus), Mary of Nazareth (Jesus’ mother), and Mary Magdalene. Beginning with the story of Lazarus being brought back to life, she traces the encounters each of these women have with Jesus surrounding His death and resurrection.
In looking at each of these women- Mary of Bethany who anointed Christ’s feet with oil, Mary of Nazareth, His mother who stood watching from the foot of the cross, and Mary Magdalene whom Christ had delivered from demons- we can see their faith and their worshipful responses to Jesus Christ.
At the end of the book is a study guide that would make this a great book to use with a Bible study group or to use as an individual Bible study. Between chapters are stanzas from hymns associated with the crucifixion and resurrection.

My Thoughts

I love Liz Curtis Higgs writing style. I feel as if she’s talking more than just writing a book. Her language and style are thought-provoking and make me want to evaluate my own life and responses to Christ.
I love that she uses lots of Scripture throughout the book. By filling each chapter with Scripture, she emphasizes the Biblical accuracy of what she’s writing about. Readers can be assured that she’s not taking Scripture out of context because they can read the passages for themselves. The Bible study at the back has even more Scripture as a part of it.
This is a beautiful book that would make an excellent individual read or group study during the Easter season.
I give this one five stars. There isn’t a content rating- because this is a nonfiction Christian living book- but I think the study would be most appropriate for older teen girls and women. You can find the book on Amazon here and you can read a Kindle preview below.

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