When We Last Spoke: A Story of Family, Secrets, and Memories by Marci Henna...And a Giveaway

When We Last Spoke by Marci Henna is set in Fireside, Texas during and after the Vietnam War. It’s a story of memories made and family bonds and secrets that can threaten relationships. It’s a great read that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Review and Giveaway of When We Last Spoke

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The book begins in modern day with Juliet. She still lives in Fireside, Texas where she grew up, and she’s waiting for her sister, Evangeline to come to town to help her pick out a gravestone for their grandparents. Readers find out that there’s been distance between the two for a long time. And the real story begins when Juliet begins to think back over their life in Fireside.
The girls were abandoned when their father left for the Vietnam War and their mother dropped them off on their grandparents’ front porch so that she could go live her life performing in New York City. The girls were only nine and seven.
Loved and cared for by their grandparents- Walt and Ruby- the girls end up living in Fireside permanently when their father dies. Life isn’t always easy especially after the girls’ crazy great-grandmother joins the family for a time. But Juliet and Evangeline have some happy memories with their grandparents.
After living with their grandparents for a time, Juliet learns a secret about their Mama. She doesn’t tell Evangeline, thinking to protect her, but when she finds out years later, this causes a permanent rift between the girls.
After Juliet’s memories, the book comes back to modern time where Juliet hopes that her sister’s visit to pick out the gravestone will offer an opportunity for healing and beginning a new relationship. Ultimately both women learn lessons about life and family through their experiences.
I loved this one. The characters are well-developed, and I found myself truly liking them all- especially Juliet’s grandmother, Ruby. I liked the way that the story was told with Juliet’s memories of her childhood and then the transition to modern time and her relationship with her sister.
We’ve not all been through the same things that Juliet and her sister went through, but anyone with a family can relate to problems that sometimes come in relationships. And, as Juliet and her sister address the secret that has pushed them apart all these years, readers can relate to their feelings and emotions.

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Review of When We Last Spoke by Marci Henna

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