Help! I Can't Homeschool High School: Facing Your Homeschooling High School Fears

I didn’t have too many fears when I began homeschooling. It was something we had always known we were going to do, and I many homeschooling success stories around me. I had the typical days of frustration because I couldn’t seem to get a certain concept across to a child. And there were a few moments of panic when I felt as if we surely must be “behind” some imaginary line of “where we should be right now.” But, overall, I wasn’t afraid of homeschooling…until we approached high school.

 I have to admit that this fear first struck when my oldest was the age to officially become a middle schooler. All of sudden the responsibility of homeschooling weighed heavily on me. Up until that point, we had been pretty relaxed homeschoolers. And, although I’ve always been one for making lesson plans and keeping records, I also love flexibility, and I like to use fun, different ways of learning- not just textbooks and workbooks. But, suddenly, I was faced with the prospect of transcripts and high school math and science and thoughts of college. And this seemed like a waaay bigger deal than it had been.

Homeschooling high school

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What if I fail? What if my kids can’t ever do well on the SAT or ACT? How do I teach high school math? What do I do about lab sciences? How will I ever remember all the requirements for graduation? How do I keep up with everything? The tension kept building. The pressure was on. And, in the back of my mind I was sure I was going to totally fail and totally screw up my kids and they weren’t going to make it to college and they would never get a decent job and they would certainly never know how to do algebra and one day they’ll need therapy because I messed them up so badly.

Can anyone relate or am the only crazy one? Now I’m a little further down the road. I have a junior in high school and a freshman in high school, and I also have a middle schooler and a soon to be middle schooler. I’m also breathing a little easier these days. I’m sure you want to know my secret. You’re waiting for some great and profound answer, aren’t you? You read that post title, and you thought you were going to come and read and have all your questions and fears about homeschooling through high school answered and allayed. But I’ll let you in on a little secret. I don’t have all of the answers. So what is different? The difference is my focus, my perception.

I remembered a quote that I heard long ago in a missions conference at church. I was probably a high school student myself at the time. But the speaker said something during one of the talks one night that has stayed with me through all these years. And when I was stressing and obsessing about homeschooling in high school, these words returned. “The finger of God that points the way is on the hand of God that supplies the need.” When God calls us to do something, he also equips us and provides everything that we need to follow His call. It really is that simple.

As parents, we believe that we were called by God to homeschool. And we believe that we were called by God to continue homeschooling through the high school years. So I don’t have to be afraid because I know that God is going to provide what I need to homeschool my kids each step of the way. I don’t have to worry about high school math. God knows what my kids need to learn, and He’ll lead us that way. I don’t have to worry about college. God knows what my kids are going to do as a career, and He will provide the path for them to head that way. Because we’re called by God to do this homeschooling thing, the simple truth is that He’ll guide us.

I’m not absolving myself of all personal responsibility here. I haven’t taken to laying in bed reading books and eating chocolates all day while I blissfully ignore anything I need to do in teaching my kids because God is taking care of it all. Part of God’s leading and guidance is that He has led me to good people who can help me with a transcript. He’s put in my path friends who know more about testing for college who have given me good tips on preparing my kids and registering them for testing. He’s led me to articles and blog posts that have given me good information about how to keep a transcript and what records are important for high school. He’s led me to speakers at the homeschool convention that have helped me understand more about helping my kids decide when and if they need to go to college and how we might accomplish that.

So I’ve chosen to pray and not worry. Seek God’s will first and then seek answers to my practical questions. And because I’m learning to do this, I can learn along with my kids when I’m teaching them to pray and seek God’s will for their own lives as they head through their high school years. And, hopefully, I’m teaching them the truth of that quote from long ago: “The finger of God that points the way is on the hand of God that supplies the need.”

By the way, if you’re looking for some very practical information to ease your fears about homeschooling in high school, I think that HSLDA has an awesome resource page. There are links here to all kinds of practical advice about testing and transcripts and college and graduation requirements- all of those things we tend to begin panicking over. I also recommend that you visit the other blogs in the hop this month. The best things I’ve learned about homeschooling in high school have been from other parents who have been there just a little ahead of me. They always seem to have practical advice as well as reassurance that it’s all going to be okay.

Let me know what you think. Are you homeschooling through high school or are planning to? What is your biggest fear?

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