Why Should Your Middle School and High School Homeschooler Take Online Classes?

One of the questions I frequently hear non-homeschoolers ask when I say that I homeschool is, "How do you teach your kids subjects you aren't very good at yourself?" What they don't understand, and what I assure them of, is that homeschoolers today have so very many options when it comes to classes for their kids.

Yes, there are classes that the parent can teach. There are curricula that is self-directed. There are co-op classes and homeschool tutors. There are online videos with information about different subjects. And there are even online classes with real teachers and a real classroom set up.

Online classes for homeschooling high school

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Although I probably wouldn't use online classes with my elementary school aged kids- because I want more interaction with them myself- these online classes have many advantages when it comes to middle and high school. If you've been wondering whether or not online classes would be good for your student, here are some reasons why they're great, along with an introduction to an awesome group that offers a wide array of online classes for middle and high school. (And I'm teaching this year!)

Online classes free you up to work more closely with younger kids.

When my kids were younger, I preferred homeschooling resources that would let me teach them together as much as possible. I used unit studies and other multi-age resources that allowed the kids to all work on the same material at different levels.

But as my older kids reached high school, and I began to plan out classes that would meet the requirements for graduation, this became more difficult. Now I had younger kids who still needed my guidance to work and older kids who were doing more difficult classes that would go on a transcript.

Online classes can help to solve this problem. Older kids can be taking online classes, directed, monitored, and graded by a real live teacher, while you have more time to spend with the younger students who need close guidance.

Online classes allow kids the opportunity to learn from teachers who are experts in the subject area.

I will freely admit that I'm not a science person. As a high school student, I really disliked the subject. As a homeschool teacher, I've come to like it much more. But I still don't have a good grasp of higher level science concepts.

But...there are awesome online teachers who excel in the sciences. There are teachers who have a passion for physics (although I can't imagine why). There are teachers who can explain complicated chemical reactions. There are teachers who can make difficult concepts in biology understandable for kids.

Even though I can't be an expert in everything- can anyone?- I can find quality, online teachers who can teach the classes I can't teach.

Online classes for homeschooling high school

Online classes give kids the accountability of due dates and deadlines.

I don't know about your average homeschool mom, but I confess that I can be a pushover. I assign a project and make it due on a Thursday. But I know that all week my child has been sick. And then, Wednesday night when she did feel better we had friends over until pretty late. So, of course, when the project isn't ready on Thursday, I'll just stretch the due date out a little.

Taking a virtual class online gives kids the opportunity to have assignments with due dates. And, although extenuating circumstances can happen and accomodations can be made, kids will feel the responsibility of getting assignments done on time. This is especially important for kids who are planning to continue on into college because it's unlikely that a professor will excuse them from due dates as easily as I do.

Online classes let the kids experience teachers other than mom.

I love it when my kids get that inevitable question from a doctor or other some such adult- "Do you like your teacher this year?" So far, they've always answered, "yes," although they usually sneak a grin at me and giggle before explaining that they're homeschooled.

Although we've been a part of a couple of co-ops, our experiences have been mostly for fun and social times, and my younger kids haven't had many teachers besides me. Taking a virtual online class gives the kids a chance to experience another teacher's classroom style.

Even if kids aren't going to college after high school, they're going to be faced with the need to know how to work well with other adults. Taking an online class with a real live teacher who has a unique style and expectations can give kids an opportunity to practice this.


  1. You'll have my son! We love CBB+. But this will be his first time. My oldest has used CBB+ for 6 years now (before they were online... she started when Beth taught at a local location).

  2. I'm looking forward to getting to know him. 😊


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