Resources to Help Your Family Celebrate the Real Meaning of Easter

Easter is one of the most important holidays in the Christian faith, arguably the most important. But it’s easy to lose our kids’ focus on the real meaning of Easter when we’re surrounded by candy and eggs and Easter baskets and new clothes.

If you’re looking for resources that will help you to focus your family on the real meaning of Easter as you celebrate the holiday this year, here are some ideas.

Real meaning of Easter for kids

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We purchased a set of these eggs years ago when our children were small. For years they loved sitting down with the eggs on the weekend of Easter and talking through what the symbols in the eggs meant. You can hide the eggs and then talk through the symbols in each. Or, if you have multiple kids, you can just have kids take turns opening each egg and talking about it. As the kids got older, they enjoyed telling for themselves what the symbol in their egg meant.
Resurrection eggs for celebrating the real meaning of Easter

The Berenstain Bears and the Easter Story: Stickers Included

The famous Berenstain Bear family features in this book. Like many kids, the cubs are enthralled with the candy fun part of Easter. But they learn about the real meaning of Easter in this story. There are also stickers for kids to have fun with in the book.

Berenstain Bears Easter Story to celebrate the real meaning of Easter

The Easter Story for Children by Max Lucado

This is a beautiful retelling of the Easter story written for children by well-known author Max Lucado.

The real Easter story for kids
Preschool and kindergarten aged kids can learn the real story of Easter while doing the puzzles and activities in this cute activity book.
Easter activity book to celebrate the real meaning of Easter

The Week That Led to Easter-Arch Books by Joanne Larington

Arch books are classic Bible story books that have been around since I was a kid. Their rhyming verses recount Biblical stories. In this Arch book, kids can learn about the week leading up to the first Easter and the true story of why we celebrate.

Book about the real meaning of Easter

This set of nesting eggs comes with a story book and can be used to talk to kids about the real meaning of Easter. Like the Resurrection Eggs, this Easter Story Egg can become an awesome family tradition as kids look at each part of the egg and learn about the real Easter story.
Activities to celebrate the real meaning of Easter
The Egglo egg kit is another way to use the fun of Easter egg hunts to teach kids the real meaning of Easter. The kit comes with a book and DVD that tell the story as well as Scripture rolls that fill the eggs and help kids learn the real meaning of Easter. The kit contains supplies that would let you have enough to share with a group of friends as well, so you can invite others over and talk about the Easter story. The Homeschool Crew reviewed the Egglo eggs a few years ago. I wasn’t on the review, but you can find out more about what homeschool families thought about the eggs here.
Activities for celebrating the real meaning of Easter
This year as you prepare for Easter, pick up a few of these resources and begin some new family traditions that will help you celebrate the real meaning of Easter with your family. 
Real meaning of Easter for kids
What’s your favorite family Easter tradition? Let me know in the comments.

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