Review of Courageous Love: The Final Andrea Carter Book by Susan K. Marlow

Through my time as a Homeschool Crew reviewer, I had the privilege to be introduced to the books of Susan K. Marlow. My younger girls and I liked her books about Andrea Carter, Andi, a spunky, young heroine who grew up on a California ranch in the late 1800s. One of our favorite was the Andrea Carter story book with accompanying lapbook.

Susan’s early Andrea Carter books begin when Andi is just a little girl. These books- the Circle C Beginnings- are easy readers and feature Andi as very young. The recently added Circle C Stepping Stones books have a little more difficult text and a more grown up Andi at age nine. The Circle C Adventures begin when Andi is twelve and growing up fast. And the Circle C Milestones books follow a now grown up Andi through the end of her teen years. Courageous Love finishes the Andrea Carter books, and I was excited to read it.

Review of Courageous Love by Susan K. Marlow

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About the Book

Andi, now seventeen, is facing pressure from her big sisters to finally settle down and stop racing, riding, and ranching and find a beau. Andi still wants to have fun, and she’s not ready to act ladylike. (This is the story of Andi’s life.) She’s more interested in learning trick riding with Riley, her long-time friend and a worker on her family’s large ranch.
When Andi and Riley find the fence cut and cattle tampered with, the family knows that something is up. There are other warnings which indicate that a criminal, put away by her oldest brother Justin- a lawyer- is out of jail and out for revenge. In typical Andi style, she ends up right in the middle of another adventure. This one, however, may lead to the recognition that she really is ready to settle down with someone she loves.

My Thoughts

The Andrea Carter books are good, wholesome books for girls. I’ve loved the way that Andi grows as the books become more difficult to read and appeal to older and older girls. The writing isn’t deep or complex, but the books are well-written, and the plots are interesting.
Andi is a heroine girls will enjoy. She’s always full of spunk and enthusiasm- which often gets her in trouble. In Courageous Love she’s matured, but she still has that free spirit and determination that serve her well in getting her out of the adventures she always seems to get herself into.
Courageous Love, unlike some books marketed to teen girls, has a love story that’s actually clean. There is one kiss (sorry for the spoiler) that is actually not very much of one. (I’ll let you read and figure that out.) But the book manages to carry off a growing love between Riley and Andi while still staying clean and not hyper-focusing on the romance, as some modern teen romances will.
All of the Andrea Carter books- this one included- have encouraged good values- family, love, sacrifice, doing the right thing even when it’s difficult. If you’re looking for a well-written, clean story to share with your teens and preteens, Courageous Love will be a good choice.
I give Courageous Love four stars and a G rating for content. You can find the book on Amazon here and on Kregel here. You can also read a Kindle excerpt below.

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