Review of For Love and Honor: Young Adult Fiction by Jody Hedlund

I’ve read several books by Jody Hedlund, but this is the first young adult I’ve read by the author. For Love and Honor was an easy and short read as it’s meant for young adults. But I still really enjoyed it.

Review of For Love and Honor by Jody Hedlund

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About the Book

No one is ever going to marry Lady Sabine. Life in the Middle Ages with a large birthmark on her arm means she’s always been considered a revulsion at best and a witch at worst. She’s lived in the care of her grandmother after her parent’s death. And only her grandmother and their most trusted servants don’t fear Sabine when they can see her mark. Most of the time she wears long gloves so that it’s hidden from view.
Sir Bennet doesn’t like the idea but has accepted his mother’s suggestion that he must marry for money. His family home is struggling to hold on because of his brother’s bad decisions and gambling debts. And his neighbor, Lord Pitt, has threatened attack if his money isn’t repaid.
Lady Sabine arrives at Sir Bennet’s home, thinking she’s there to purchase art relics that his family has protected for generations. But her grandmother has other ideas. She’s planned to marry Lady Sabine off. It will solve Sir Bennet’s need for a wealthy wife and will ensure a husband for her granddaughter who is unlikely to find one.
As Lady Sabine’s visit unfolds, she finds herself with feelings for Sir Bennet, and he for her. But as the secret of each is revealed, can they ever really have a relationship?

My Thoughts

This was a simple, easy read, but one I enjoyed. It is a romance, and I know some would rather not have their tweens and teens read romances. But it’s a well-done, clean romance with a good story line as well. 
I enjoyed the characters of Lady Sabine and Sir Bennet, and, while there were occasional places where the story seemed a little trite or predictable, I thought it was pretty interesting overall. I can recommend For Love and Honor for young adult readers or for adults looking for an easy read romance. I give it four stars and a G rating for content. You can find the book on Zondervan here or on Amazon here. You can also read a Kindle preview below.

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