3 Reasons You Need to Be Organized...Whether You Like It Or Not

When you read the title of this post, you probably had one of two responses. Some of you silently gave an, “Amen!” You love to be organized and want the world to be organized along with you. Some of you shuddered. You might have even humpphd and thought, “I don’t need to be organized. I’m a flexible, fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants gal.”

If you happen to fall into the second category I’m going to tell you something you may find disagreeable: You need to be organized…whether you like it or not.

Now, I’ll agree that you don’t necessarily need the level of organization that some of us- perhaps me- are obsessed with. But there are some important reasons why you do need to be organized in a form that works best for you.

Why you need an organized homeschool

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Organization keeps you from becoming overwhelmed.

There is a definite link between lack of organization and depression. It’s not necessarily a cause and effect, but it is a cycle. Having no organization in your home, schedule, or homeschool can lead to overwhelm. That overwhelm can lead, not to motivation to actually get organized, but to a helpless and depressed feeling. And when you’re feeling helpless and depressed, you lack the motivation to get moving and establish some organization in your life.

Choosing to have an organizational system that works for you can help to prevent this cycle. It’s much easier to follow through with a system you already have in place than to dig yourself out of an unorganized mess. Life can get very overwhelming, and being a homeschooling mom definitely is a busy, hectic job at times, but being organized can help you to feel less overwhelmed.

Organization helps your home life flow more smoothly.

Do you often find yourself frustrated with the kids, your spouse, and yourself? Maybe the reason is a lack of organization. I can personally think of many times when I’ve found myself short and snappy with my family members, only to realize that the fault was really mine because my own lack of organization was the source of the frustration and overwhelm.

Once upon a time I fell into the trap of not making homeschool lesson plans until Monday morning. This meant that the start to our week was scattered and chaotic. The kids took full advantage of my lack of preparation and went crazy on Monday mornings. After I finally got myself together it was difficult to get them refocused on school. I would end up frustrated and snappy with them. But, in truth, the fault lay with me and my lack of organization.

Any time we, as moms, are scrambling because of a lack of planning and organization, chaos is liable to ensue. Being organized, having a plan, can help us to keep things calm and running smoothly- at least as calm as can be expected with children.

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Organization holds you accountable.

Have you ever finished a week and wondered what you actually accomplished that week? Me too. Usually it’s because I didn’t have a plan when the week began. Having a plan, being organized provides some accountability which is a nudge to actually accomplish something.

When you have a schedule or a to do list, you’re much more likely to actually accomplish something. If you have no plan, no schedule for your week, it’s easy to breeze through without actually accomplishing anything. And then you’ll find yourself at the end of the week scratching your head and wondering what you actually accomplished.

Why you need an organized homeschool

And so, my friend, even if the very word “organization” ruffles your feathers, you need to be organized. You need to have your ducks- if not in a row- at least in a group. You need a system that works for you.

Are you a natural organizer or do you struggle to be organized?


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