Review of Lost and Found by Kendra Fletcher: Encouragement for Finding God's Grace in Our Lives

I had heard of Kendra Fletcher through the Homeschooling in Real Life Podcast.  This podcast features Kendra and her husband who talk through issues that homeschool families face, often addressing the tough issues that other bloggers and podcasters try to avoid. I love their humor and candor as they talk. So when I had the opportunity to review Kendra’s new book Lost and Found: Losing Religion, Finding Grace I was excited.

Review of Lost and Found by Kendra Fletcher

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About the Book…

Over a period of less than two years, Kendra and her family went through multiple traumatic experiences. Their infant was found in a coma and almost died, Kendra ran over her five-year-old when pulling back into the driveway after a homeschool field trip. And their eight-year-old almost dies from a ruptured appendix.
Throughout these experiences, though, God was at work in their lives. And, as Kendra relates the things she went through, she talks about the lessons God was teaching them and about how these awful experiences were drawing Kendra and her husband back to God’s grace.

My Thoughts

The book is very short, a quick read. But there’s lots of good stuff here. Kendra writes in a conversational tone as if she’s talking to the reader, so the book is simple and interesting to read. Just as on the podcast, Kendra isn’t afraid to talk about a difficult topic- believers who fall into the trap of relying on their legalistic actions instead of resting in God’s grace.
Kendra does an excellent job of communicating the way that God was working in their family through all of these challenging things that they faced. And the book encouraged me as a reader to think about whether or not I relied on God’s grace or my own “righteous” behavior. It’s thought-provoking and, at times, convicting.

I give this one five stars. It’s one I’ll easily recommend. You can learn more about the book and author here and find it on Amazon here.

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