Rome to Reformation History Cycle: Resources for Studying the Vikings

If you follow a cyclical history based curriculum, the Rome to Reformation year often has some exciting moments when you encounter the Vikings. Many kids have an interest in the Vikings because of their daring deeds and fascinating history. No matter what you use as your curriculum spine, here are some resources you can use to learn about the Vikings.

Resources for studying the Vikings
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Vikings Website from the BBC: This is a great website with all kinds of information about the Vikings. It’s geared toward kids and has all sorts of games, pictures, videos and text about the Vikings life. There is a timeline at the top of the page to show when in history the Vikings fall. (I love timelines!) There is also a teacher’s resource section.

The Vikings (from PBS/Nova): This site would be better for older kids. It is the companion site for a Nova program- “The Vikings”- and there are some great things like a tour through a Viking village and a science activity about dating trees based on tree rings.

The Viking Network: This site is a wealth of information and activities. There is a section with text that is quite detailed. And then there is a section with quizzes, activities, and recipes. This site would be good for older kids who can read it themselves or for the family to look at together.

National Geographic Kids has ten facts about the Vikings and a great video.

DK Find Out! has an awesome interactive site where kids can learn about the Vikings. Kids can click on parts of a Viking ship to learn about a variety of areas of Viking life.

This short YouTube video will teach kids all about the Vikings…in a nutshell.

This site- The Specialist- has 101 facts about the Vikings…really.

Lapbooks and Unit Studies

Homeschool Share has a free Vikings Unit Study here. This is a literature based unit study using the book Viking Adventure.

Currclick has a Vikings Lapbook from Hands of a Child. This one isn’t free. But I like the lapbooks from Hands of a Child because they are all inclusive and give all the information you need as well as a schedule for completing the study. We love lapbooking because it’s something we can do together with all ages.

Tina’s Dynamic Homeschool has a unit study and free lapbook to go along with a Vikings study here.

Resources for studying the Vikings


Story of the Vikings Coloring Book (Dover pictorial archive)-Dover color books are great with amazing detail. They are definitely big kid color books- even for as big a kid as me!

Viking It and Liking It (The Time Warp Trio Book 12)– My son, a reluctant reader, loved the Time Warp Trio books.

Magic Tree House #15: Viking Ships at Sunrise – Magic Treehouse books also have Research Guides that provide information about the time period.

  Eric The Red: The Viking Adventurer – This is a fictional look at the supposed founder of Greenland.

Viking World: A Guide to 11th Century Scandinavia (Sightseers)– Pictures and text give some great information about the Viking life.

Who Were the Vikings? (Usborne Starting Point History)– We love Usborne books for taking an up close look at history.

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