Share God's Truth With Little Ones with These Books from Zondervan

Even though my little ones are almost all grown up now, I love getting books for young kids in the mail to review. Picture books bring back happy memories. And I love passing them on to young moms. A few of my kids even enjoy looking at them as well because who doesn’t love a great picture book?

This month I received several great new books from Zondervan. I love to be able to find good books that can spur spiritual discussions with the kids. Even little ones aren’t too young to be having some good, age-appropriate conversations about God and His Word. Here are three books that can help you do that.

Zondervan kids books review

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I have to admit that when I became a parent, I wasn’t a Berenstain Bears fan. I had one fairly big problem with most of the books. In each story Papa Bear was portrayed as incompetent. It never failed. He was the one getting into scrapes or causing problems. And usually Mama was there to bail them all out.
This attitude toward dads frustrated me. I wanted my kids to see Daddy as the head of the household, as a leader, as a man who sought to follow God and direct our family. So I steered away from these books.
But more recently, many of the books about the well-known bears now have a more spiritual focus. So I’ve been curious to see whether or not the treatment of Papa Bear was handled differently. So I took a look at The Berenstain Bears Friendship Blessings Collection. This is five Berenstain Bear books in one volume.
The first story was a disappointment. It’s written in a rhyming style and features Papa taking Brother and Sister to catch fish…even though Mama says they should just buy one from Grizzly Gus. Papa insists on fishing, but he doesn’t have much success. He’s constantly making mistakes, once even fishing in a “No Fishing” area. After many tries, he finally admits Mama was right and heads to the store to buy a fish. I wasn’t impressed.
The other four stories in the book were much better. They began with a Scripture reference, and, although they aren’t overtly “spiritual,” they each had a lesson that would be great to discuss with the kids- friendship, treating others with kindness, reaping what you sow, and appreciating our differences. Three of these stories are followed by some discussion questions and activity suggestions that go along with the book.

Review of The Berenstain Bears Friendship Blessings Collection
I think this one would be worth reading with the kids, if you take some time to talk about the errors of the first story or skip it altogether.

Princess Prayers by Crystal Bowman

A few weeks ago, I reviewed the Once Upon a Time Bible for children. I had some concerns about the Bible. Princess Prayers is a board book that seems to fit in with that Bible and the idea behind it. The description on the back of the books states, “Every little girl is a princess. Princess Prayers includes fifteen sweet prayers for little girls who want to live like princesses for God their King.”

The prayers begin with a morning prayer and cover different situations that little girls may face throughout their day- feeling glad and happy, appreciating God’s beauty, enjoying happy times, feeling afraid, feeling sorry for something, desiring protection. They end with a nighttime prayer. There is a short verse that goes along with each prayer.
There isn’t anything wrong with any of the prayers. But the style of the book just isn’t my favorite. I know that princesses may appeal to many little girls who have grown up on Disney. And those little girls may certainly love this book filled with princesses and their day to day activities.

Review of Princess Prayers

If the style is something your little girls will relate to, this is a great little board book that you can read with the little ones. 

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Love Letters from God: Bible Stories for a Girl’s Heart by Glenys Nellist

I’ve saved my favorite for last. This hard-cover picture book It’s designed for little girls and contains fourteen stories that feature girls/women from the Bible.

Each story includes a Bible reference so that you can look up the entire story in context, a theme verse- “God’s Wonderful Words to You”-, and a Love Letter from God. The love letter has a blank space where you can write in your child’s name as it begins, “Dear_____________.” The letter addresses the character from the story and contains an application from the story so that girls can make a connection in their own lives. For example, in the story of Miriam, the Love Letter talks about  times that girls might be afraid and how they can trust God in the midst of those times.
This is also a visually beautiful book. The illustrations are lovely, and the Love Letters are made to actually open up on the page. (And who doesn’t love a lift-the-flap book?!)

Review of Love Letters from God

I think this would be an excellent book to share with young girls. It can spur lots of good discussion about these girls/women of the Bible and how their stories can relate to the lives of our girls now.
Review of Zondervan Books for Kids

These books are all available from Zondervan. So if you’re looking for a good book to stimulate some good spiritual discussion with your little ones, check these out.

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