Six Easter Unit Studies You Can Download and Use in Your Homeschool Right Now

I don't know about you, but, despite my good intentions, holidays seem to sneak up on me. You'd think I'd remember. They happen every year. Every. Single. Year. But, no, I'll realize that the holiday is right around the corner and, despite my desire to use the holiday theme to create an awesome unit study for the kids, I don't have time to plan anything.

If you, like me, find yourself in that boat, I'm here to help for the upcoming Easter holiday. (By the way, when this post is written in 2017 the Easter holiday is coming up on April 16. Surprised? Yes, I was too!) In this post you'll find awesome Easter-themed unit studies you can download and begin using right away. Some of them are free and some are to purchase. I'll let you know that with the link.

Easter unit studies

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Resurrection Lapbook from Lapbook Lessons

This lapbook is free and is created to go along with resurrection eggs. They've been a great way to use symbols to teach kids the elements of the Easter story. We love our resurrection eggs. You can purchase them here or make your own with these instructions.
Homeschool Share has a variety of free, Easter-themed unit studies and lapbooks.
This lapbook download isn't free, but I do love the lapbooks from A Journey Through Learning. They are multi-aged. This one is for 2nd-7th grade. And they come with a complete study guide so that everything you need to do the lapbook is right there. In this lapbook kids will learn about the history and symbols of Easter.
Amanda Bennet's studies are digital and interactive. Kids can use a computer or tablet to work through the unit studies following the links and filling in information as they go. This study covers Christ's last week, death, and resurrection. There are two levels within the study so that it really can be used for all ages. This study is not free but is usually on sale near the holiday.
This unit study/guide takes the whole family on a journey through Jesus' last week with activities, crafts, food, and more. The unit study isn't free, but there is a free accompanying lapbook.
Online Unit Studies are unique because they are digital, interactive studies that kids can do pretty much independently. They are also good for multiple ages so the whole family can use them. This is a mini study with one module, unlike the full studies. Kids will learn why we celebrate Easter and about Easter traditions around the world. This study isn't free but is less expensive than the full Online Unit Studies.

Easter unit studies

So...if you've waited around and haven't prepared for the holiday, choose one of these awesome unit studies, download, and enjoy celebrating Easter in your homeschool.

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