Ten Non-Candy Easter Basket Goodies

I have to admit that we do give the kids candy for Easter. I’ve never been one to buy lots of candy. But, on holidays, it’s fun to give a little. I usually fill some plastic eggs with candy for the kids on Easter, and we do a small Easter egg hunt on the Saturday before the holiday.

With food allergies and dietary restrictions becoming ever more widespread, however, it’s a good idea to find non-candy Easter basket goodies. Whether you’re filling baskets for your kids or looking for Easter goodies for family and friends, here are ten non-candy Easter basket gifts you can give. (If you’re looking for some great book gifts for Easter baskets, check out this post.)

Non-candy Easter Basket goodies

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These eggs sit in water and begin “hatching” within twenty-four hours. A set contains four pets- a chick, a frog, a bunny, and a duck. The fun is in watching the eggs hatch, but the kids can then keep the cute figures to play with.
Non-candy Easter basket gifts hatching animals

Lego Easter Egg Hunt Set

Have Lego fans? This cute box set is a seasonally-themed one with an Easter egg hunt scene. There are a few other Easter/springtime sets here as well.

A Personalized Springtime Garden Notebook

I have two teen daughters who love pretty notebooks. So a special, new notebook always makes a great gift. These springtime garden notebooks from Minted can be personalized with the recipient’s name, making this a really unique gift.
Non-candy Easter basket gifts personalized notebook

Easter Egg Plant and Paint Terrarium

Spring is the perfect time to plant in many parts of the world. This Easter egg terrarium can be painted before kids plant the TickleMe plant seeds that are included with it.
Non-candy Easter basket gifts terrarium

Felt Bunny Crayon Holder

This cute handmade crayon holder is Easter-themed and would make a great Easter basket gift or party favor for a springtime/Easter get together.
Non-candy Easter basket gifts crayon holder

Easter-Themed Crayons

These cute, homemade crayons are shaped like baskets, bunnies, and eggs and come in a gift box. They would be perfect to put in an Easter basket because they’re cute to look at but also practical to use.
Non-candy Easter basket gifts homemade crayons

Easter Puzzles and Puzzle Cube Set

This fun set includes three twenty-piece cardboard puzzles as well as a puzzle cube (like a Rubix cube) that are all Easter-themed. If you have puzzle lovers, this would be a great Easter basket goodie.
Non-candy Easter basket gifts Easter puzzles

Easter Egg Felt Set

My kids loved felt sets when they were small! With this cute Easter egg set, kids can use felt pieces to decorate a large Easter egg. There are also felt numbers 1-10 so that kids can practice number recognition and counting.

Non-candy Easter basket gifts Easter egg felt set

Easter Tic-Tac-Toe

Kids can play tic-tac-toe with this Easter themed handmade set. There are bunnies and chicks instead of Xs and Os for Easter fun.

Non-candy Easter basket gifts Easter tic-tac-toe

Play-Doh Easter Eggs

I think all kids love play-doh. I love play-doh. Add some Easter-themed play-doh fun to the kids’ Easter baskets with these cute Easter eggs containing play-doh.

Non-candy Easter basket gifts Easter play-doh
If you’re looking for ideas to help you avoid the candy for Easter this year, try some of the choices here to fill the kids’ Easter baskets.

Non-candy Easter Basket Goodies

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