Two Great New Books for Elementary Aged Kids

I always love it when I get new books for review, only to find that they are a perfect fit for us, even though I didn’t know about them before. Two of the most recent books I received for review from Zondervan have been exactly that.

If you have elementary aged kids, here are two books- one fiction and one nonfiction- that you need to check out.

Review of kids books from Zondervan

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Review of kids books from Zondervan Hello StarsHello Stars is the first book in a new series- Lena in the Spotlight. Alena Pitts is a young actress who played in the movie War Room. Alena also models and contributes to the magazine For Girls Like You.
This new series follows Lena (Alena) as she follows her dreams of being an actress. Through it all, Lena’s parents encourage her in her faith. And Lena wants to follow God in her everyday life as well as in her dreams of becoming an actress. 
In this first book in the series, Lena gets a chance to act with one of her favorite stars. But she has to learn balance in her daily life and relationships as well. She writes out notes to the stars- Hello, Stars- and to God at the end of some of the chapters, so girls get a glimpse at Lena’s struggles to balance her faith and her dreams.
I love this book and think it will be perfect for my younger girls. It’s a chapter book with no pictures, so it would be a good choice for upper elementary or middle grade kids.

Review of kids books from Zondervan The Bible Explorers GuideThis is an awesome nonfiction book full of large photos and text that will guide readers on a trip through the world of the Bible. The book begins with a brief explanation of archeological discoveries and the Bible and then follows the story of the Bible through the Old and New Testament.
In each two-page spread the book covers a Bible topic, covers information about the people and cultures of the time, gives background information, and includes some great photographs and illustrations. The text sections are sprinkled throughout the two-page spread and are written on an upper elementary/middle grade reading level. Each page spread also has a “Did You Know?” section that shares an interesting fact from the time period.
This is going to make an awesome addition to our homeschool library! It’s a perfect accompaniment for the ancient history and Rome to the Reformation history cycles. This book is a great way to line up the history recorded in the Bible with other accounts of the history of the time.

Review of kids books from Zondervan

I love it when I can find great books through a review. I’m excited to have these two in our library.

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