A Classic Reference Becomes a High School Writer's Workbook: Review of The Elements of Style Workbook

Teaching formal grammar and writing skills has been one of those things in which I’ve sometimes found difficulty with a Charlotte Mason style of homeschooling. When do I teach formal grammar? How can I make formal grammar relevant to writing? How can I use good quality literature and not just exercises of made up sentences for grammar practice?

I’ve recently had the opportunity to review a new writing resource from Brookdale House- The Elements of Style Workbook. This workbook is intended for 9th-12th grade and is a unique grammar and writing resource. I received a PDF copy of the workbook to review.

Review of Elements of Style workbook

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About The Elements of Style Workbook

As I was reading the book’s introduction, I realized that The Elements of Style was a reference book originally published in 1920. This original book was published as a pocket reference guide for students and writers.
The Elements of Style Workbook has taken the information from that original reference book, updated it, and then given students opportunity to practice the elements of grammar and composition, along with the opportunity to examine the writing style of classic authors.
The book is divided into three sections- Elementary Rules of Usage, Elementary Principles of Composition, and The Secrets of Style. It also has several appendices, including a comprehensive checklist that students can use to make sure that their writing contains the elements learned throughout the book.

What I Like

This resource is a great one for teaching students and writers to be the principles of grammar and composition, while focusing on the elements of good writing and good writers. Students aren’t learning those principles and skills in isolation. Instead they’re given the opportunity to practice them with real writing.
I believe and have seen in my own children and other students that I’ve taught, that there is such a connection between reading great literature and building writing skills. I think that’s a definite reason that The Elements of Style Workbook is going to be successful. The fact that students are learning these elements in the context of great writing and having the opportunity to write as well is going to ensure that the workbook is effective.

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