An Awesome Tool for Teachers of All Kinds: Review of The Book Patch

Stop! Don’t just keep scrolling. I know what you’re thinking: “Im not going to publish my own book, so why would a homeschool teacher be interested in a book printing company?” In fact, a book printing company could be pretty useful to you. So stick around.

Just a bit of disclosure about this post. The Book Patch didn’t pay me or give me free product for review or any of those usual things. I’m sharing this company because I was very pleased with their quality and customer service. And, as a consumer, I want to know from folks I trust about businesses I can trust. I want to read accounts of great products and awesome customer service. So I’ll share those accounts as well.
And so, I’m sharing with you why you might find use in a book printing company and why you can choose The Book Patch.
Print your books with The Book Patch

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Why would a homeschool teacher use a book printing company?

Occasionally a normal ordinary mom- especially a mom with a blog- may want to self-publish a book. It’s pretty easy to publish an ebook on Amazon. But if you want print books that you can sell, you’ll probably need to find an economical way to print your books. The Book Patch can help.
But what if you aren’t self-publishing a book? Why would you want a book printer? I recently taught a fiction writing class at our homeschool high school co-op. At the end of the year we created an anthology of our fiction writing stories. Every student contributed a story, and I combined them into a nicely edited PDF. I shared the PDF with all of the students, but we also wanted a way to create printed books of our stories that friends and family members could get. After hunting about online, I found The Book Patch.
Review of The Book Patch
Another reason to use The Book Patch would be to help your own child self-publish a book. Every budding author wants to see his or her book in print. Encourage your child’s creative writing by helping them create, edit, and then print an actual book. Order copies for friends and family. Maybe your child can even take orders for books and sell them to other people.

About the Book Patch

The Book Patch is a simple to use site that allows you to upload your customized PDF document, along with a front and back cover, and print copies of your book. After you upload your book, the site will give a price per book and then allow you to place an order. You can also list your book in the site’s bookstore where it can purchased and shipped directly to the customer.
Review of The Book Patch

Why should you use The Book Patch for your book printing?

~It’s simple.

The site gives you an easy, step-by-step process for uploading your book, creating or uploading your cover, listing your book in the bookstore if you want to, and ordering copies of your printed book. You can easily choose custom options, such as a spiral binding or a hard binding, color or black and white, uploading a cover design or creating your cover on the site, and more.
Review of The Book Patch
The only element of the uploading process that gave me any trouble was understanding how the font of my PDF worked. At first, I uploaded a PDF with a font that didn’t transfer well. The great customer service- that I’ll talk about later- helped me with this problem, though. There is also information on the site that can help you to understand about the font, andI found several online tutorials to help as well.

~It’s economical.

I priced a variety of printing companies when I was looking for the best value for our printed anthologies. There were some sites that were very, very pricey. I suppose if you were taking preorders for your own published book, that you could have a pricier book. But when you want to print a quantity for yourself and do it in as inexpensive a way as possible, those pricey printers aren’t worth it.
Our book ended up costing less than $6 per book. This price, of course, varied depending on pages, color, size, binding, and many other factors. But, of all the printers I researched, The Book Parch was the one that seemed the most reputable but was also the most economical.

~There’s great customer service.

When I first ordered, I didn’t understand the font issue in the PDF I was uploading. I excitedly sent the book off to print and waited eagerly for our books to come in the mail. When I opened the books, I was so excited about how the outside looked. But…the inside was unreadable because of the font issue.
I was so disappointed. I immediately contacted the company. They let me know about the font issue. They also pointed out the warning about embedded fonts that shows up on the screen where you’re uploading the book. I confessed my ignorance and expressed concern that when I had previewed my book at the end of the ordering process, everything looked fine, even though it obviously wasn’t fine. I was unhappy that the preview hadn’t truly shown the look of the final book.
The company kindly offered to reprint the books if I would change the font. I uploaded a new document and let them know and then they quickly reprinted and shipped the books to me with priority shipping for no additional charge. That’s awesome service ya’ll.
Review of The Book Patch
The Book Patch is a service I can definitely recommend. If you are writing a book that you’d like to self-publish, if you’re considering a book created by your classroom students, or if your own child wants to see her writing in print, The Book Patch is a great option.
Print your books with The Book Patch

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