Eight Must-Have Homeschool Organization Tools

It’s no secret that I love to be organized. In fact, I recently wrote a post about why you should be organized too- like it or not.  Although I don’t always succeed, I’m constantly trying to keep our homeschool things organized. (Please don’t look in my schoolroom right now! I said, “Try.”)

Each year at the beginning of the school year, around our Christmas break, and at the end of our school year, I try to clean out and organize all the homeschool things. This summer our regular clean out is super-sized because we’re trying to rearrange the entire front room that we use as dining room, schoolroom, pantry, and craft room.
Over the years I’ve come to realize that there are some tools that I use over and over for organizing our homeschool things. These tools are invaluable, and I couldn’t organize without them. So what is it you need to keep your homeschool organized? Here are eight must-haves.

Tools for homeschool organization

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I currently have eight bookshelves for books and five bookshelves in use for other storage. (Yes, I admit that I might have a book problem. But is reading ever a problem? Hmmm.) I love bookshelves. The only reason that I don’t currently have more is that I absolutely cannot find another space for another shelf anywhere. 
Not all my bookshelves match. Cost and availability mean more to me than matching. I do like tall, narrow shelves when I can find them because I can fit them in smaller place. I could not organize our homeschool without a plethora of bookshelves.

Plastic Drawers

I use these plastic drawers for organizing craft materials and school supplies. I happen to like the sets that have a couple of deeper drawers and a couple of small drawers all in one set. 
I’ve used these in a variety of ways. At one point every child had their own set of drawers for school books and supplies. But currently, I have all supplies in the drawers and the drawers labeled by category.

Large Plastic Bins

Because we do school in a variety of places, our schoolbooks need to be easily movable, but still organized. So we use large plastic bins. These bins are perfect for each child to use to keep her books organized and easily accessible. 
I also use these bins at the end of each homeschool year. I gather up binders and consumable books, as well as any printed record keeping files and lesson plans. These all go into a bin, which is labeled with the date of the school year. I have all these stored in our attic. I’ll probably never be legally investigated about homeschooling. But if I am, I have my records of past years organized and easy to put my hands on.

Small Plastic Boxes

Just as the bigger plastic bins organize our school books, the small boxes organize supplies, such as pens and pencils, crayons and markers, and scissors and glue. Each year we restock these supplies during the big Back-to-School sales. Each child gets a set of supplies to keep in a small plastic box, and any supplies that were still good from the past year go into the general craft/school supply storage. These small plastic boxes also fit well to be kept in the corner of a desk or to be carried in the large plastic bin with the school books.

Fabric Baskets

We use a literature-based curriculum, which means we always have a set of books that we’re using for each school subject. I use these fabric baskets as book baskets. They’re perfect because they can fold up when we don’t need them, and I can store them away easily. Then when we need a new one, we can pop one up to use.
These are also great for organizing supplies on shelves. If you have small toys or school supplies that you want to store, put them in a fabric basket and then store the baskets on one of your bookshelves. We keep Legos as well as craft supplies in these to be stored on the bookshelf.

Hanging Organizer

I use a hanging organizer as my “command center.” Hanging next to my work desk, this organizer stores papers, and I can organize them into categories. I also use the cleat pocket to put a calendar, and I can write on a wipe off meal plans each week. This isn’t just for our homeschool, but it’s definitely a great organizing help to me.

In and Out Tray Organizer

Most of our loose homeschool papers are kept by each child in her binder for the year. That’s one way I try to fight the monster of homeschool paperwork. But there are always pages that end up coming to me for grading or filing. An in-an-out tray is a must-have. 
Besides homeschool papers, a tray like this holds general household papers on my desk as well. I can keep things organized into categories so that I know what I need to deal with now and what can wait until later. (Can you say “procrastination”?)


Binders are a key to our homeschool organization. Each year each child gets a large binder and dividers. Throughout the year, they keep pages from each subject. These binders serve, not only to organize our papers during the school year, but after each year I store them as a record of the year’s schoolwork.
Binders are especially important if you do lots of notebooking in your homeschool. Last year I received a lifetime membership to NotebookingPages.com through the Homeschool Review Crew. This is an awesome resource for notebooking pages for every subject. And our binders organize all these great notebooking pages we use. (You can get a large sampling of notebooking pages free here.)
Tools for homeschool organization
So there you go. Make sure you have these tools on hand and go forth to organize! 
Do you have any other favorite organizational tools for your homeschool?

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