Kids Can Explore the Bible in a New Way with the Kids' Visual Study Bible

From the time I was a kid, I knew that it was important for me to have a quiet time, time where I could read the Bible and pray, regularly. I’m thankful that I grew up in a home, a church, and a Christian school where that was encouraged. I’m definitely not perfect. And I don’t have an hour long prayer time and read ten chapters of the Bible each day. In fact, there are days that I’m busy or tired and I shrug my routine off. But I’ve learned the value of keeping that time as an important priority.

When I had children, this was a habit that I wanted to pass on. I’ve tried to help the kids to see the importance of a quiet time. And I’ve read and studied the Bible with them. But it isn’t always easy for kids to pick up the Bible and read and study on their own. It can seem thick and intimidating. Story Bibles can be good for getting little ones in the habit of daily Bible time, but what happens when they outgrow study Bibles? I think it’s important to equip our kids with age appropriate, easy to read Bibles that will encourage them to read and study the Bible for themselves.

Review of the Kids' Visual Bible from Zondervan

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I’m always on the lookout for great Bibles that will do this, and I was very excited to review the Kids’ Visual Study Bible. I happen to be a very visual person. Give me a timeline or a map or a diagram and I can understand what you’re talking about. Many kids are visual, and they can learn more when there is something to see. They can focus when there are pictures to hold their attention. They can understand when they see a drawing or a diagram. 
Here are some of the features of the Kids’ Visual Study Bible from Zondervan that I particularly like.

New International Version

It’s a hard-cover, New International Version Bible. There is a handy ribbon bookmark so kids can mark their place when they’re reading. 

Good-Sized Print

I’ve seen some children’s Bible with really small print that is difficult to read, but this print is okay, even for my old eyes.

Wide Margins with Notes

The margins are wide and contain study notes related to verses in the adjacent passage. The notes aren’t extremely detailed, but they’re written in language that kids can understand and refer to specific words or ideas in the related verses.

Illustrations and Photographs

Throughout the Bible there are photographs and illustrations that help to illuminate the text. When kids read about Noah and the ark, they can see a drawn illustration that is based on the description of the ark and shows its relative size. When they read about God’s promise of the rainbow, there’s a beautiful rainbow pictured. (A sticker on the front of the Bible proclaims over 700 images inside!)

Charts, Maps, and Timelines

I have to admit that I love charts. I also happen to be a timeline afficionado. This Bible has lots of both, as well as maps that are relevant to the information. 

Book Introductions

Each book of the Bible has an introduction that tells who wrote the book (and mentions if this debated or unknown), along with other information such as the historical setting or major themes of the book.

Appendices of Further Information

There are several appendices at the back of the Bible, containing a chart of Biblical weights and measures and their equivalencies, and index of the infographics contained throughout the Bible, and a section of maps.
With all of the great information this Bible contains, it can easily become the go-to study Bible for kids who are upper elementary or middle school aged. It’s easy to read, easy to use, and all of the illustrations really help to illuminate Scripture for kids. You can find the Kids’ Visual Study Bible at Zondervan here.

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