Review of The Joy of Letting Go by Vicki Caruana

Before we even had children, we made a conscious decision. We wanted to always encourage and support our children’s independence, to allow them the freedom to be their own people, different from us in ideas and likes and dislikes, as well as independence in the sense of being able to do things apart from us and being responsible for facing the consequences of decisions that they made.

Many people think that all homeschoolers shelter their children by hovering over them constantly, allowing nothing bad to happen and totally controlling the lives of their children. I can’t speak for all homeschool families of course, but, for us, homeschooling has been about coming alongside our kids and teaching them how to live in the real world, teaching them our worldview and supporting them as this takes shape in their own lives, teaching them how to make their own decision by being close to encourage and support them as they face the natural consequences of their decisions.

Review of The Joy of Letting Go

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The inevitable end of this process is to have kids who are equipped to leave home, to live independently. We’ve tried to view this whole parenting thing from day one as a process that will ultimately lead to our kids moving on and leading independent lives. Because we have this mindset, I feel like we are at least somewhat prepared for the baby birds to fly away from the nest.

We’re about to test my feelings. By the end of this week, we will have graduated our first homeschooler. And by August, she’ll be in college, about three hours away.

Because we’re so close to this momentous occasion, I was glad for the opportunity to review a recent book- The Joy of Letting Go by Vicki Caruana.

About the Book

The book consists of fifty-two daily readings that are designed to encourage parents- especially moms- to gradually begin the process of letting go of their kids. Each reading has a theme that relates to letting go of our children, an illustration story, a “Thought Poke” that encourages readers to think of an application to their own relationships with their children, and a Scripture verse.

My Thoughts

Although the cover of the book describes these as “devotional readings”, I wouldn’t necessarily consider this a devotional book. There is a Scripture verse at the end of each reading and occasionally a biblical reference in the day’s reading. But the readings aren’t necessarily tied to the Scripture passage in the sense that I consider a devotional book (where there is a passage of Scripture to be read and then the reading for the day is an explanation or application of that Scripture).

The book is definitely written from a Christian worldview. And the readings are thought-provoking and helpful. They are short and won’t take much time to be read through. Although they’re broken down into days, you could really adapt and read the book however you wished, reading more days at a time or one reading a week.

If you’re nearing that time of life where letting go is coming soon, this little book can be an inspiration and an encouragement. You can find the book on Amazon here and read a Kindle sample below.

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