Sweet Books for Little Ones from Zondervan and a Library Builder for Littles Giveaway

I’ve been busily cleaning out our schoolroom/dining room/pantry over the last week or so. All the great cleanup included taking a look at the bookshelves- the nine bookshelves that I have- and culling our overwhelming collection of books. I don’t get rid of many books. My youngest child is currently eleven, and I’m still keeping board books, ya’ll.

I love those sweet board books and picture books written especially for little people. And even though my own kids are getting older, I love to receive great books for little ones for review. In this post I’m sharing five recent books for little ones from Zondervan. And, if you keep reading, you can enter to win a library builder set of these five books for your little ones.

Zondervan books for little ones

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One thing that I like about The Beginner’s Bible is that it’s a readable, compelling Bible for young children that doesn’t shy away from an age appropriate version of the death of Christ. Some children’s Bibles skip this altogether, wanting to keep a difficult subject away from young readers, perhaps. But the whole point of the Bible is the story of the gospel! So I appreciate that The Beginner’s Bible includes this.
This sweet book is a board book version of The Beginner’s Bible. It includes some of the well-known Bible stories in a condensed version on board book pages. It would be great for nightly reading with your toddler to begin a tradition of reading God’s Word each day.
This smaller version of The Beginner’s Bible includes fifteen Old Testament and eleven New Testament stories in a fun, carry-along version. The book is small enough to fit little hands, and it has a magnetic clasp and a plastic carry handle. Little ones can carry their own Bible along to church with this one.
This board book takes the account of Noah and the ark from The Beginner’s Bible. The story is written on board book pages and the rainbow on the cover makes a nice little carrying handle for little people. The simple text and bright pictures will draw the attention of little ones, and the handle will ensure that this is one they carry around to be read often.
I love picture books that go along with well-known children’s songs. In this larger board book with a soft cover, you can read the words of Jesus Loves Me as kids look at the bright, colorful pictures of animals. There are several verses to the song, as well as music and words to the main verse on the back page.
This hard cover book contains twelve short stories that feature the popular Berenstain Bears. Each story has a moral, a theme, that you can use as a springboard for good conversation with preschool and kindergarten aged kids. The stories are short enough to be read as great bedtime stories each evening.

Zondervan books for little ones

Reading good books about God, the Bible, and how we live as Christians with little ones is a great way to begin to have spiritually minded conversations with even our young children. These five books can help you to do this.

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Now you can enter to win a set of these five books for your family library. Enter the Giveaway Tools below. Winners will be chosen on Saturday, June 3, 2017.

Giveaway of Zondervan books for little ones

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