The Ultimate Harry Potter Resource Roundup

I have a confession. I came late to the Harry Potter series because of my own preconceived notions and my willingness to follow along with other Christians who were writing posts and boycotting and slamming all things Harry Potter. Whether you love the Harry Potter books or hate them isn’t going to be the topic of this post, however. I know there are many godly people on both sides of the argument.

The wrongness in my resistance to the books in the first place wasn’t the problem. It was in my response and attitude. I took the opinions of a few people, didn’t read the books myself, and jumped all in to the bandwagon, vociferously criticizing people who were letting their children read these awful books.

After some time had passed and the books were all written, I began listening to friends who had allowed their kids to read the book. I talked to some of these moms who had actually read them and asked specific questions about the content. And then…I let the kids read them.

It was not until recently, however, that I read the entire series for myself. (I actually listened to the awesome Audible versions of the books.) It didn’t take me long to realize why the books are so popular and why so many, many people have related to Harry and his friends over the years. Much to the amusement of my children, I’ve become quite the Harry Potter fanatic. I know my house- Ravenclaw. I have a patronus- the Siberian Cat. And my wand is elder wood with a phoenix feather core.

Harry Potter educational resources
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I’ve also realized what awesome educational tools the entire Harry Potter series can be. There are so many themes that can be discussed. The books are perfect for looking at character development, at plot elements, and at how to use literary elements in writing. There are also many connections that can be made across the curriculum with the Harry Potter books. Teachers can bring in elements of history and science as well.
This list is the ultimate all things Harry Potter resource list. Many of these are free. I’ve also tried to divide the resources in helpful categories. I’m contemplating how it would work to use the entire series of books as a base for learning throughout the year, so the resources I’m collecting will help if you’d like to do that.

Unit Studies and Learning Activities

Scholastic has a Harry Potter resources and lesson plans page for middle and high school grades. Although these ideas are really intended for classroom teachers, there’s a good bit you can adapt and make to work in your homeschool or co-op.
Make science experiments fun with these potions class ideas.
These printable literary device posters aren’t free (they’re $5 at Teachers Pay Teachers), but they would make an excellent accompaniment to discussing the books.
This free printable timeline activity will test kids’ knowledge of all the books as they put events in the order in which they happened and record in which book the event is mentioned.
Kids learn mapping skills and how to draw to scale with this activity that guides them in creating a Hogwarts floor plan.
This is an awesome creative writing unit for high school students, based on the Harry Potter series.
This discussion guide from Scholastic covers the first four books in the Harry Potter series.
Kids can write their own Harry Potter haiku with the instructions and examples here.
A Magical Animal Encounter is a creative writing activity based on Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

Interactive Sites for Kids

The Magical World of Harry Potter Webquest guides kids to pages on the web and has questions and writing assignments related to the information they’ll find there. The webquest is intended for grades 3-5.
Kids can use the Harry Potter site from Scholastic to find interactive activities that go along with each of the books.
Harry Potter’s World: Renaissance Science, Magic, and Medicine is a site from the U.S, National Library of Medicine. It guides kids through seeing the connections between what Harry and friends learned in Hogwarts to our science studies today.
Let Kids find out what they know about Harry Potter and friends with this 100 question trivia quiz.
This Harry Potter webquest will guide upper elementary and middle school students through solving math word problems.
A Day in the Life of Harry Potter is a webquest that will give students practice in using context clues and inferences.
This online quiz for kids will explore the connections between the Harry Potter books and Greek mythology.

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Harry Potter Printables

Kids can find the names of Harry Potter characters in this printable word search. (Scroll down the page to find it.)
Print these book covers on parchment paper and make your own Hogwarts textbooks.
Print a BINGO game with the names of Harry Potter characters.
Kids can find out which Hogwarts house they’re in with this printable Sorting Hat origami.
This printable crossword puzzle will help kids review what they know about Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

Book and Movie Sites

Pottermore is THE site for all things Harry Potter. There’s information about the books and movies. And users can create a free account and find out their magical house as well as their patronus and wand type.
The Leaky Cauldron is the source for all kinds of information about the Harry Potter books and movies- including the newer releases. There are also some fun Harry Potter-themed craft ideas on the site.

Harry Potter Crafts, Games, and Fun

Make your own wood wands with these instructions from Your Everyday Family.
Spaceships and Laser Beams has awesome ideas for a Harry Potter party. Theirs is for a birthday, but you could have a party to celebrate the end of a unit study or to invite homeschooling friends. (Because any day can be a party day!)
Make your own adorable owl letter carriers with these instructions from My Very Educated Mother.
These instructions and materials lists will guide you to make your own Harry Potter trunk and Monster Book of Monsters.
Harry Potter homeschool resources

Book Series and Related Books

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (This is NOT the story of the movie. This is the actual textbook that Harry and friends used at Hogwarts.)

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