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Review of Israel-God's Heart: A Visual Tour of the Holy Land

Leah Courtney
Going to the Holy Land is on my bucket list. I'd love to see the places where Christ walked on earth and where our spiritual history happened. I don't know if I'll even make it there, but I was excited to have the opportunity to review a beautiful book of landscape photographs from the Holy Land: Israel- God's Heart.

Review of Israel God's Heart photography book

About the book...

The photographs in the book are arial photography from Ron Gafni, and there are narrative portions throughout by Kathleen Barrett. The book isn't large- about 5" by 8"- but the beautiful glassy photographs make it perfect for a coffee table book.

The book is divided into five sections- Beloved Jerusalem, Divine Design, Landscapes of History, Marvels of Modern Israel, and Salt of the Earth: The Dead Sea. Each section opens with Scripture and the Scripture written in Hebrew. Throughout each section are photographs- some full page and some smaller-, descriptions, and narration. The narration throughout is minimal, but leads readers through the gospel story, relating to the photographs in that section.

My thoughts...

The photographs throughout are beautiful. It was very cool to see pictures of the Holy Land and the sites mentioned throughout the Bible. The book isn't very large. I wish I it were a little bigger, so that the photographs would be even more amazing. But I have thoroughly enjoyed it anyway, and it's one that will be fun to share with others.

You can see a flip book of Israel- God's Heart below, and you can get more information and purchase here.

Israel pin1

Leah Courtney / Author & Editor

Leah Courtney is a homeschooling mom of four. She’s graduated two teens- one who’s a legal adult now! And she’s still homeschooling two middle schoolers. She loves all things book related, and in her- very rare- free time you can find her listening to audiobooks and coloring.


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