Top Ten Awesome Homeschool Curricula Resource Sites...And a Free Homeschool Curricula Planner: Five Days of Homeschool Curricula

This post is part of a five day series about choosing your homeschool curricula. You can find the landing page with links to the other posts here.

Great places to shop for homeschool curriculum and free homeschool curricula planners

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So today’s question: Where can you find homeschool curricula? 
The short answer to that question right now is – everywhere! There are many, many websites, stores, and vendors who sell homeschool curricula. You can google anything you are looking for and find a whole list of possibilities.
In this post,  I’ve narrowed down some of my favorite places to find homeschool curricula. This is a list of places I use often because I like what they sell and/or they have good prices. You can also pick up a free curricula planner to use as you’re choosing your curricula this year.

My Favorite Curricula Resources

Rainbow Resource is one of my go to sites. I love to shop them at a convention because it is all free shipping, and there is usually some deal for purchasing there. Online, they always have free shipping with more than $50 in purchase. They have so many different publishers, and they are usually one of the lowest priced sites.
Amazonis one of my favorite places for almost everything.  I pay the $79 per year for Amazon Primebecause it is well worth it to have free two day shipping on most purchases. There are other benefits including free Prime videos and Kindle rental books. But nothing beats being able to order a book I forgot and get it in two days.
Currclick offers all kinds of instant downloads. There is curriculum for every subject, and if you have a Kindle, you can send the PDF files to your Kindle for easy reading.
A Journey Through Learning is one of my favorite places to find lapbooks and unit study guides. They have lapbooks for a variety of topics, including lapbooks that go along with the Apologia elementary science curricula. Their lapbooks are great because they are complete. You have all of the information to complete them right there in the packet.
Grapevine Bible Studies has been my go-to for Bible curricula. The studies use a unique approach. Kids draw stick figure pictures as they go through topics, books of the Bible, or Old and New Testament overview studies. It’s great for hands-on and visual learners especially.
One of my favorite literature-based unit study curricula resources has been Moving Beyond the Page. This isn’t a Christian oriented company. Their materials are fairly neutral. They have complete yearly curricula packages as well as individual unit studies for PreK to middle school. And it’s all based on great literature.
Apologia has been my main resource for science curricula and for some worldview resources. They do an excellent job presenting science from a Christian worldview. We’ve used their elementary curricula and high school curricula.
My core curriculum of choice for the past several years has been My Father’s World. They have core yearly curriculum for PreK-high school. The curriculum is literature-based, from a Christian worldview, uses Charlotte Mason methods, and coordinates all of the core subjects- except math- like a giant unit study.
Bright Ideas Press has curricula from a distinctly Christian worldview. Our favorite resources from Bright Ideas Press have been their elementary/middle school science and their geography curriculum. They also have history, fine arts, and literature curricula choices.
Writing with Sharon Watson is a resource we’ve loved recently. Sharon Watson has a writing course for middle school, two different writing courses for high school, a literature course for middle school (based on C.S. Lewis’ The Magician’s Nephew), and a literature course for high school.

Get Your Free Curricula Planner

Because I have four children and use a variety of curricula resources, planning out my curriculum each year is very important. Taking time to plan out as I go helps me to budget for our curricula and helps me to see that all subjects are covered.
I use a spreadsheet that allows me to list each subject level for each child. Under each I note what curriculum we’re going to use, it’s cost, and a URL or note about where to get it as I decide on curricula. You can pick up a free copy of my curricula planning spreadsheet here. (And because I know not everyone loves spreadsheets as I do, there’s also a visual chart version that you can print for each child that will allow you to list curricula, URL, and cost.)
Great places to shop for homeschool curriculum and free homeschool curricula planners
I hope this five day series all about homeschool curricula has benefitted you. Don’t hesitate to leave me questions in the comment section or contact me with the contact form at the bottom of the page.


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