Review of Dragon Seed: A Young Adult Allegory and Bible Study by Marty Machowski

I love using allegories as a great way to discuss spiritual truths with kids. Allegories- like the parables that Jesus used during His ministry on earth- can take spiritual concepts and help readers or listeners to understand them by making them relevant.

I don’t see many young adult allegories, but I was excited to review Dragon Seed by Marty Machowski, a young adult book that fits this description.

Review of Dragon Seed: young adult Christian fiction

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About the book…

Nick Freeman is a harsh, angry teenager. His mother is raising Nick and his sister alone, living with her mother after losing her husband. She gives Nick a book to read, a book that has been handed down through the family for generations.
Nick begins to read the story of how the dragon seeds of pride and anger created the first dragon and how that has affected people through the ages. Morningstar, the head guardian of the King was the first dragon. He’s the one who convinced other guardians to listen to the dragon seeds and follow him away from the King, to be in opposition to Him.
It’s the story, of course, of the fall of Satan. And as Nick reads the story, he realizes that he’s been listening to the evil thoughts and letting the dragon seeds take root in his own mind and heart. Nick also sees how this story has affected his family through the ages, including a well-known biblical, far-off great grandfather.
At the end of the book, after the story, is a twelve day “antidote” to the dragon seeds that can take root in us. For each day there is a Scripture reading as well as commentary and questions.

My thoughts…

It’s a well-done allegory. The story of Satan’s fall and it’s effect on the earth goes beyond what’s actually in Scripture, but it isn’t anti-biblical, so I’m okay with type of Christian “fiction.”
I really like the way that as Nick reads the book, he begins to recognize the angry, rebellious thoughts that he has as dragon seeds. I think that helping kids to realize wrong thoughts and replace them with good ones goes a long way toward heart change and not just outward change of behavior.
The Bible study at the end of the book is a good one. I like the focus on Scripture and on learning how to recognize the dangers of dragon seed thoughts and combat them.
I’ll probably read this one aloud to my kids. It isn’t the kind of book they would typically pick up and read, and, besides that, it gives lots of opportunity for some good discussion.

Review of Dragon Seed: young adult Christian fiction

If you have older elementary kids or young teens, I recommend this one. You can find it on Amazon here.
Review of Dragon Seed: young adult Christian fiction

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