Beautiful and Inspiring Resources for Tweens and Adults...from Zondervan

As adult coloring books have become wildly popular in recent months, I have to admit that I’ve jumped right aboard the coloring train. I love to color. It’s just relaxing to me. So I was especially excited for two new resources I received from Zondervan this month. One is all about my favorite pastime- coloring!

The other resource from Zondervan this month is a great devotional for tween girls. Since I currently have one tween and one barely teen girl, I was excited about this book as well.

Bible Study Resources for Moms and Tweens

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Brave Beauty: A Bible Study for Tween Girls

Bible Study Resources for Moms and Tweens

Brave Beauty is written by Lynn Cowell who is a Proverbs 31 ministry speaker and blogger. The book, written for tween girls, has 100 mini chapters, all focused on helping girls to find their confidence in God in a world that can seem a little frightening. 
The book contains three main sections- I Am Loved, I Am Brave, and I Am Confident. Each section contains chapters that cover salvation, trust in God, confidence, family relationships, dealing with hurt and disappointment, friends, faith, and other subjects that are important in the lives of tween girls.
Each chapter has information about one or more of the topics listed above, often with illustrations from the authors life and with references to Bible passages. Throughout each chapter’s reading, there are sections that girls can fill in with answers- with thinking, application questions. Most of the chapters also have a “Becoming Brave” section where girls are challenged to apply what they’ve learned in that section as well as a “Courageous Call” section which is a prayer that girls can pray to ask God to help them apply what they’ve learned or to thank God for who He is and what He does for us.
The book is beautiful and will appeal to tween girls. The chapters are short and pretty easy to read. The questions throughout as well as the “Becoming Brave” sections helps girls to apply what they’re reading to their own lives. This isn’t really a devotional because the readings aren’t directly based on Scripture passages. But the readings will definitely get girls thinking about their relationship and walk with God.

Bible Study Resources for Moms and Tweens

Inspiring Words: An NIV Version of the Bible with 52 Coloring Pages

Bible Study Resources for Moms and Tweens

Inspiring Words is an NIV translation of the Bible that includes 52 coloring pages, each of which features a verse surrounded by a beautiful picture to color. It’s hardcover and also has a handy little bookmark to keep your place as you’re reading.
I love this coloring Bible because the coloring pages are thick cardstock. I have a coloring Bible that has small sections to color on almost every page. The problem is that the pages are so thin that I have to be really careful not to tear the pages or use anything that will bleed through. In this Bible there are only 52 coloring pages. But each is a full page and is on cardstock, meaning the paper won’t tear and my pens won’t bleed through.

Bible Study Resources for Moms and Tweens

This is a perfect Bible to use for reading through in a year. I love the NIV translation. And 52 pictures means I can work on one each week, along with my daily Bible reading.

Bible Study Resources for Moms and Tweens

You can find both of these resources on Zondervan.

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