Review of The Unreformed Martin Luther: A Unique Look at the Famous Reformer

I’m a fan of history, and I do enjoy biographies. But I have to admit that some biographies of historical characters do get a little dry and draggy. But The Unreformed Martin Luther doesn’t. Not truly a biography, this book looks at the life of the reformer by investigating some well-known “facts” about Luther. And the author examines those “facts” to determine their historical accuracy.

I’ve always been interested in the life of Martin Luther. Of course we can all picture him nailing the 95 Theses to the door of the church in Wittenberg on October 31. Because that really did happen. Didn’t it?

Review of The Unreformed Martin Luther

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About the Book

Written by Andreas Malessa, the book walks the reader through twenty-five supposedly true facts about Martin Luther. For each, Malessa gives historical background and documentation to prove or disprove the fact. Each chapter covers one fact, and in documenting and explaining each the author gives the reader a good deal of other information about the famous reformer.

My Thoughts

I really liked this book. The author’s tone is light and easy to read. The facts that he chose to analyze are interesting ones. And the way that he covers each and gives additional information really helps to prove his assertion that the fact was true…or not.
There’s quite a bit of documentation and background information given for each fact. This helped to persuade me that the author really did know which of these facts were true and which were not. There’s also a great bibliography at the back of the book so that readers can look up the references for the documentation throughout the book.
This is a unique way to get to know a historical character. And it really works. It makes the book interesting and lively instead of dry and dusty. I really liked this one.

You can find The Unreformed Martin Luther on Amazon here or on Kregel here.
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