Shop for Back-to-School Without Leaving Home

My kids love to get out in the hustle and bustle of back-to-school shopping. It’s become a tradition here. Although we don’t get tons of supplies- like the standard school supply lists- I do like to get things like notebooks, folders, and paper when they’re on sale. And even when we were homeschooling year round it was nice to use the back-to-school sales to refresh all our school supplies.

I have to admit, though, that I really, really really don’t like heading out for back-to-school shopping when there’s a crowd. I try to pick days that will be less crowded, and I avoid our state’s tax free weekend like the plague. There are hundreds of people out shopping then!

If you love the idea of back-to-school shopping deals, but you hate the crowds like I do, there is a better option. We can just stay home and get our school supplies online. There are so many great deals for back-to-school that you can take advantage of. And you won’t have to fight the crowds.

Here are some of the best online back-to-school deals I’ve found…

Back-to-school shopping without leaving home

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Teaching Supplies

Expo Black Dry Erase Markers

One of my favorite homeschool teaching resources is my dry erase board. The problem is that the kids love drawing on the dry erase boards as well. So our markers are forever running out. With this pack, I can stock up with four black dry erase markers.

Bostich Stapler

Okay, people. One of the most important office supplies for a homeschooler to own- in my humble opinion- is a good, quality stapler. We’ve gone through tons of cheap staplers. But having a nice one that actually works well and won’t break easily is awesome! This is a good one that won’t break the bank.

Swingline 3-Hole Punch

Second only to my stapler, my 3-hole punch is another valuable homeschooling tool. We do lots of notebooking around here. I have a lifetime subscription to So I can print off my set of notebooking pages, hole punch them, and give them to the kids all ready to go. This is a good quality punch at a decent price.

AmazonBasics Colored File Folders 100-pack

We love lapbooking around here. So we need file folders. And colored file folders are just…prettier. This AmazonBasics set has 100 folders and at the time of posting is less than $15. That’s a pretty good deal!

Plastic Organizer Bins

We use these for EVERYTHING. I put teaching supplies in them. The kids put school supplies like pens and crayons in them. I’m always looking for more. This pack from the Dollar Tree is an awesome deal!

Kids’ School Supplies

30-Pack of Elmer’s Glue Sticks

Ya’ll glue sticks are like gold around here. Between crafting and lapbooking and notebooking, we seem to constantly be looking for glue sticks. And for some reason, when we’re looking, they are ALL DRIED OUT! Why? Who knows? But this is a pretty good deal. And thirty might- just might- last us for the year.

Sharpie Colored Highlighters- 2 four packs

Teaching kids how to highlight important information is a vital study skill. These highlighters will help the kids to organize by using different colors to highlight. And, because this is two packs of four, maybe there will be enough for the kids to share. Maybe.

Crayola Crayons- 6 pack

Crayons are like the glue sticks. No matter how many I buy, it seems we can’t find them when we need them- except for the broken remnants. This is a 6 pack of boxes of 24 crayons. So, you can split them with the kids or store the boxes away and hand them out as needed.

Fiskars Kid Scissors

When it comes to scissors for kids, we walk a fine line. We want scissors that are sharp enough to actually cut something. But, at the same time, we don’t want scissors that will chop off little fingers. I’ve always found Fiskars to be a good choice. This is a 3-pack, so you can share them among the kids.

Crayola Markers- 2 eight packs

I took time to go through our marker bin a few months ago. Do you know how many markers actually worked? Not many. I like to “freshen up” our marker supply during the back-to-school sales. This is a good deal that includes two eight packs of markers.

Mead Spiral Notebooks- 6 pack

My kids are always looking for a spiral notebook. Whether it’s for math or writing or copywork or just because they feel like starting a journal that particular day, someone’s frequently looking for a clean notebook. I like that this is a 6 pack because I can get a few and put the extra notebooks up to parcel out throughout the year.


One of the thrills of doing a homeschool co-op for my kids was that they got to carry a backpack. Of course we then had to buy everybody a backpack. Amazon has some really good deals on all kinds of backpacks for kids.

Plastic 3-Ring Binders

Because we do lots of notebooking, we use quite a few 3-ring binders. This pack from the Dollar Tree has colorful binders- which are always popular at our house- and has enough binders that I can put some aside to use throughout the year as we need them.

Back-to-school shopping without leaving home
Do you love school supply shopping?

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