18 Great Educational Podcasts for Kids

I fell in love with podcasts last year, a little behind the times. I found business podcasts and homeschool podcasts and just for fun podcasts. I’ve got a whole list of subscribed favorites, and I’m always on the lookout for new ones.

But in my early stages of podcast love, I didn’t realize that there was a whole other reason to listen to podcasts. There are some great educational podcasts for kids. Have kids interested in history? Science? Good Stories? Add some of these educational podcasts to your homeschool.

Educational podcasts for kids

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Stories and Books

Saturday Morning Theater–  This podcast features a group that provides family-friendly entertainment on Saturday mornings. The shows are stories in the nature of old time radio dramas.

Storynory– This story telling podcasts brings kids a new story every week. Some are classic fairy tales and some are brand new stories.

Book Club for Kids- This podcast hosted by middle schoolers takes a look at new YA and middle grade books.

The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian– This podcast features an ongoing science fiction story about the adventures of Finn Caspian, an eight-year old boy.

Adventures is Odyssey- Adventures in Odyssey from Focus on the Family has been around for a while. It’s now a podcast. From a definite Christian worldview, the program is mostly geared toward older kids and tweens.

Story Pirates- Have a kid who loves to write? This podcast takes kids’ writings and makes them into audio dramas.

Poem of the Day- Want to get kids into poetry? This podcast isn’t specifically for kids, but it would be a good way to introduce more poetry.

The Radio Adventures of Eleanor Amplified- This podcast is another ongoing adventure story. Kids follow Eleanor, a famous radio reporter as she journeys around the world.


Tumble Science Podcast for Kids- Tumble tells kids all about science discoveries with the help of real scientists.

Brains On- Brains On teaches a science lesson in each podcast. It’s hosted with kid scientists to make it even more fun for kid listeners.

Wow in the World- This NPR podcast for kids explores new advances in science and technology.

But Why?- Have kids who always ask “why”? This is the podcast for them. It explores answers to some of the “why” questions, such as “Why is the sky blue?”

Shabam- This science podcasts combines a fictional ongoing story with true science facts. The kids will be learning without even realizing it!

The Show About Science- This podcast about science is hosted by a six-year boy. Kids will enjoy listening as he features a variety of science topics.


Stuff You Missed in History Class- Although it’s not specifically a kids’ podcast, this podcast that explores little known historical information about people and events is family friendly and always gives a warning if the show is going to have any possible objectionable content.

The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd- As kids listen to the ongoing story of Dr. Floyd fighting the evil mastermind Dr. Steve, they’ll travel through and learn about history. Not only can you subscribe for new episodes, but there are also over 400 episodes in the archives that you can listen to.

The Past and the Curious- This podcast takes a look at historical characters from all over the world. There are only thirteen episodes so far, but it sounds as if more are planned.

Bedtime History- Bedtime History has short, simple segments that focus on a historical event or person.

Educational podcasts for kids

Do you have any favorite podcasts that you listen to with the kids?

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