Loving Luther: Historical Fiction About Katharina von Bora

I’ve long been interested in Martin Luther as a historical figure. So many legends and myths swirl around him, along with the true and interesting facts of his life as a reformer. I’ve also loved the story of Luther’s marriage to Katharina von Bora. So I was excited to review Loving Luther by Allison Pittman.

Review of Loving Luther; historical fiction

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About the Book…

Katharina von Bora was taken to a live in a convent as a very young girl. She grows up there, and as a young woman begins reading Scripture, translated in German by a monk who has become famous for his return to Scripture and the idea of salvation by grace alone. She becomes compelled by the idea of the freedom that believers have in Christ.
Katharina, along with several other nuns from her convent, decide that they are led to leave the convent and seek out lives based in the grace and freedom of Christ. With the help of Martin Luther- the man who’s been translating Scripture and whose writings have been secretly brought into the convent, the nuns escape.
Many of them have families to return to, but not Katharina. Luther tries to make connections for some of the women to get married, but this doesn’t work out for Katharina either. After a secretive romance that she thought was leading to marriage, the man abandons her. Katharina wonders if she’ll ever find a husband in this new life, even as she’s drawn more and more to Luther himself.

Review of Loving Luther; historical fiction

My Thoughts…

I loved this one. Allison Pittman is an excellent writer, and I’ve loved some of her previous books. So I had great expectations for this one. I wasn’t disappointed. The characters are well-developed and are brought to life for the reader. The story of Katharina and Luther’s romance is one that is wonderful when brought to life in fiction.
I thoroughly recommend this one. I give it five stars and a G rating for content. You can find Loving Luther on Amazon here.

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