Review of Liar's Winter: A Beautiful Novel Set in the Appalachians

Last year I had the opportunity to review Mercy’s Rain by Cindy K. Sproles. The book is set in the Appalchian Mountains in the 1900s, and I loved it. So I was excited to have the opportunity to review Liar’s Winter, a new Cindy K. Sproles novel with the same setting.

Review of Liar's Winter: Christian fiction

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About the book…

Lochiel Ogle is a girl who’s marked with an obvious birthmark. Living in the Appalachian Mountains in the 1900s, this means that she’s marked by the Devil. As she grows up in the Ogle family, she’s told a story about how she was found in the woods, abandoned by her mother because of her mark. The family hides her away on their farm, uses her as a servant, and makes sure she’s grateful for their help. Lochiel has always wanted to earn the affection of Momma and Poppy, but she stays away from Gerald, who is, at best unkind, and often cruel.
When Lochiel is beaten and left for dead on the mountain by her brother, a stranger shows her kindness. He gives her shelter and takes her to his home with his mother for healing. Lochiel’s brother is still on the lookout for her, however, once he finds out she’s still alive. But as Lochiel hides and runs for her life, she begins to learn things about her life- who she really is and how she has value to God, despite her mark.

My thoughts…

I loved Liar’s Winter every bit as much as I loved Mercy’s Rain. Most of the book is told from Lochiel’s point of view and uses the Appalachian accent and dialect in her thinking and conversation. Through snippets throughout the book, readers are also introduced to Gerald, Lochiel’s brother through his first person point of view. The development of their characters as well as that of the secondary characters in the story is very well done. I loved Lochiel and thought she was a very interesting and compelling character.
There’s definitely a spiritual theme throughout the book. All that Lochiel has known about God is that He can’t love her because she’s cursed. But she learns differently through the kindness of the people who care for her. Never is the book preachy, however. Spiritual truth is woven seamlessly into the story.
Lochiel’s life has been hard. And there are parts of her story that are hard to read and sad. But there is a beautiful hope throughout the story as well, as Lochiel learns the truth about her beginnings and learns to make the choice to live a life that pleases God.
I definitely recommend this one. I give it five strong stars and a PG13 rating (because of some of the things that happen to Lochiel). You can find the book on Amazon here and on Kregel here.

Christian fiction book review

Christian fiction book review

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