Review of Many Sparrows: Beautiful Historical Fiction by Lori Benton

I’ve loved all of Lori Benton’s books that I’ve had opportunity to read. She writes beautiful historical fiction. Most recently I finished Many Sparrows, and I’ve continued in my love of Benton’s novels.

Review of Many Sparrows: historical fiction

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About the Book…

When Clare Inglesby is on the way west with her husband and son and due with a baby at any time, her husband leaves the family when their wagon breaks a wheel. Phillip Inglesby doesn’t return, leaving Clare alone with her son, Jacob while the baby is coming.
After a night in labor, away from the wagon so she won’t disturb Jacob,, Clare returns to the wagon to find Jacob gone. 
Jeremiah Ring is a man of two peoples. Although he’s white, he’s lived with the Shawnees for a large part of his life. When he comes across Clare and hears her story, he’s sure the Indians have taken Jacob to adopt. 
Jeremiah sets out to help Clare find her son, and the two end up caught between the two worlds with war coming on.

Review of Many Sparrows: historical fiction

My Thoughts…

This is a beautiful, well-written book. The characters are compelling and well-developed. The story is interesting and not predictable. There is sweet romance, although romance isn’t the primary focus of the book. And there is spiritual encouragement, as readers share in Clare and Jeremiah’s personal stories. But the book isn’t ever “preachy.” 
I love this one and give it a heart-felt five stars and a PG rating for content. You can find it on Amazon here.

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