Review of A Pair of Miracles: A Story of Autism, Faith, and Determined Parenting by Karla Akins

Parenting isn’t easy at the best of times. When you’re parenting a pair of identical twins that you’ve adopted and you discover that they are autistic, it’s especially challenging. This is the story that Karla Akins tells in A Pair of Miracles, a memoir about life with her two sons.

Review of A Pair of Miracles, a memoir of life with two autistic children

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A Pair of Miracles

In A Pair of Miracles, Karla combines stories of her experiences with encouragement and practical advice for other parents of autistic children. She deals with topics such as…
  • Understanding God’s love and God’s plan
  • Dealing with school choices for autistic children
  • Finding doctors when your child has a disability
  • The screaming and other behaviors that emerge when autistic kids are over-stimulated
  • Finding help when you have a child with disabilities
  • Vaccinations: to vaccinate or not
  • Medications and other treatments for autism
  • How the church family can encourage and include children with disabilities
  • Providing opportunities for autistic children to serve
The book is a good balance of advice that can help parents to understand their autistic children and deal with different situations and encouragement to help parents as they deal with the different situations that come up as they parent an autistic child.

Who should read this book?

Obviously parents with autistic children will benefit from reading the book. If you’re facing a lifetime with a child who has just been diagnosed or if you’re struggling through day to day life with an autistic child, Karla has words of advice and encouragement from someone who’s been there.
Parents of children who are disabled in any way will also be encouraged by reading A Pair of Miracles. Although not all of the practical advice will help- although some will- the encouragement that Karla offers can help parents with children who are facing any kind of disability.
Christians who are involved in local churches should read A Pair of Miracles. It’s hard to know, sometimes, how the church should respond when parents who have children with autism or other disabilities come. How can the church encourage and support these parents? Karla’s experiences will give you some ideas.
You can find A Pair of Miracles on Amazon here and on Kregel here.

Review of A Pair of Miracles, a memoir of life with two autistic children

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