Review of Peace in the Valley: Christian Romance by Ruth Herne

Not long ago, I had the opportunity to read and review Home on the Range by Ruth Herne. It was the second book in a series about three cowboy brothers. I loved it and was excited to review the third book in the series- Peace in the Valley.

Review of Peace in the Valley Christian romance

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About the Book…

Trey Walker is the youngest Walker brother. (The other two books are about each of his older brothers.) He’s been living in Nashville as a country music star but has come back to the Walker home ranch to help his father who needs a medical procedure to save his life. Trey’s looking for something missing in his life and is still suffering the pain of watching his ex-wife fall back into drug addiction and die.
Lucy Carlton is only one of many people in the small town who has been hurt by Sam Walker, Trey’s father. Before his recent conversion, he led a self-absorbed life that ran over many. 
When Lucy meets Trey- in a not very auspicious beginning- she is sure that he is just like his father. But she realizes soon that he’s actually a nice guy and that Sam is trying hard to repair the damage that his actions have caused people over the years as well.
Review of Peace in the Valley Christian romance

My Thoughts…

I liked this one just as much as I loved the other. Now I’ve got to find the first in the series and catch up. The story is interesting, not just the same old romance plot. The characters are well-developed. The romance is sweet. And there is a spiritual message that comes across without the book sounding “preachy.”
I can definitely recommend this one. I give it four stars and G rating. You can find Peace in the Valley on Amazon here.

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