What Do Homeschooled Kids Really Think About Homeschooling?

Have you ever wondered whether or not homeschooled kids really like being homeschooled? When I was new to homeschooling, I did. Now that I’m on the other end, with older kids and one homeschool graduate, I can say that all four of my kids are thankful for homeschooling.

Do they love homeschooling all the time? No. I’m not pretending it’s all sunshine and roses. And there have been times with one of my children when we had long discussions about going to “real school” because he was convinced he wanted to go to high school with his friends. After we really talked about what school is like, however- I’ve actually taught in public school high school- he realized that what he envisioned- sitting around and talking to his friends all day- wasn’t really what “real school” was all about. That’s only what happens on the Disney Channel.

Homeschooled kids talk about homeschooling

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Overall, the kids have always talked positively about homeschooling when I ask them or when I’ve heard them talk about homeschooling with friends. They all realize that we’ve had privileges homeschooling that they wouldn’t have had going to a traditional school.

The Kids Speak

Currently I am homeschooling a high schooler- who will graduate in December- as well as two middle schoolers. I also have a homeschool graduate who is going to start college classes in the spring. Here’s what they had to say when I asked them what they thought of homeschooling.

Kathryne (homeschool graduate)-“I like that I was able to stay in my own room and do school all day.”
Charles (high school senior)-“It gives us flexibility. And it has introduced me to a bunch of other homeschoolers. It’s awesome.”
Ashlyne (middle school)- “Homeschooling is good because we can take vacations whenever we please. And we can sit around in our pajamas. I can also get up and walk around whenever I want to. I can also bring stuffed animals and people won’t make fun of me.”
Rachel (middle school)-“I like not having to get up at 6am. I like the flexibility.”
I have to note that Charles and Ashlyne- and wouldn’t you know, it’s those middle children!- both qualified their positive statements with another note: “It’s still school.”
Homeschooled kids talk about homeschooling

What to Do When Kids Don’t Like Homeschooling

So what happens when your homeschooled child doesn’t like homeschooling and asks to go to school. When we were facing the situation, here’s what we did.
Pray.- We always want our homeschooling to be in God’s will. If it’s His will for us to continue, I know that He can change the hearts and minds of our kids.
Talk, Talk, Talk.- We’ve always told our kids that we would hear them out if they wanted to talk about going to school. So when it came up, we talked. We asked questions about why he wanted to go, what he thought was good about school, if there was something particular he was looking for. Talking and really listening goes a long way towards maintaining good relationships even if you’re disagreeing.
Show them what school is like.- In our case, we had an advantage. I had actually taught at the high school that my son would have attended. I could tell him firsthand what it looked like. And I tried to do that objectively. I told him the things I felt were negatives, but I tried to be honest about positives as well. If you don’t have a family member who’s actually been there to talk to, take a tour of the school so that kids can see firsthand.
I think the thing that really helped us in this situation was that we were open and willing to listen. We tried not to be totally negative about what he wanted. We tried to hear what he was saying and acknowledge what he needed. Because of that, he had the space to think through things on his own and come to the conclusion that he really didn’t want to go to school after all.

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Homeschooling can be a definite blessing for the whole family. It can bring a host of benefits and privileges. Want to know what other kids think about it? Check out this week’s Back to Homeschool post at the iHomeschool Network. And if you’re a blogger, you can link up your posts as well!

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