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When my first child was born, I faithfully took her to have professional portraits done. In fact, my mother and I even paid to join the photo club for the portrait studio in our local mall. Those were the good ole days when we also filled our cameras with 35mm film and dropped the rolls off at the drugstore to be developed.

When child two came along, the visits to the portrait studio were fewer and farther between. I took both children for special holidays- a cute Christmas card photo was crucial after all. And we still used 35 mm film- although I often just picked up a disposable camera because I was too busy to worry about the regular camera and often forgot it. (Although if I had had this camera backpack from Globo Surf it would have been much easier!)

By the time child three came along, portrait studio visits were few and far between. In fact, I think I have a total of four professional pictures of her early years. I rarely had pictures to get developed. With three children aged 4 and under, who had time?

Child four was in a formal portrait right after birth. I used those pictures for the birth announcements. That was the sum total of her experience with professional portraits. A new toy came along when child number four was an infant- the digital camera. All of a sudden, I had a small, easy-to-carry camera that I didn’t have to remember to buy film for. It was an awesome thing.

Artsy Couture review

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I had a problem with this whole digital camera thing, though. I rarely ever had pictures printed. I had plenty of pictures on SD cards and flash drives, but we could only view them…digitally.

I still don’t often get any pictures printed. I have plenty of them- on my phone, on my computer- but I rarely have them printed. We also rarely have professional pictures done. But sometimes I really want nice, quality, physical pictures. I love to display them, and photo gifts are great for the grandparents.

Although I’ve shopped for photo gifts and places to have physical pictures printed, I recently had the opportunity to experience unique and beautiful pictures from Artsy Couture. I was very happy with the pictures I received. If you’re looking for a way to memorialize family moments or get beautiful, quality pictures printed, this is a great site for you to check out.

What is Artsy Couture?

Artsy Couture started as a small business designed to provide professional photographers with a beautiful and unique way to showcase their work. It’s now a larger company, but they still offer beautiful, different, quality options for displaying photos. Although it still looks as if they offer products for professional photographers, even those of us who aren’t professionals can find beautiful ways to display our photos at Artsy Couture.

What does Artsy Couture have to offer?

There are many photo products available in the Artsy Couture shop. I was impressed by some of the one-of-kind options I saw- like beautiful photo albums with a canvas cover or the USB drive with a beautiful photo made into it. In addition to these unique items, you can find some of the traditional photo products- regular photo albums, cards, canvas pictures, photo prints and more.

Our Artsy Couture Experience

We received a 24×20 canvas portrait as well as ten photo prints. I used pictures that were taken by my brother-in-law who- although not a career photographer- is very professional and takes some awesome pictures. For the canvas, I chose a family portrait that he did for us this past Thanksgiving. For the ten prints, I sent some of the pictures my brother-in-law took of Kathryne- my oldest- when she graduated this past year as well as some pictures I took on our beach trip this summer.

Artsy Couture review

Everything I received was beautiful. I was very pleased by the way that the colors turned out. The pictures- the canvas and the prints- were all very clear and sharp, and the color was beautiful. I immediately hung the canvas above the couch, a centerpiece among some other family photos I have there. This was one of the first professional, large-sized family portraits we’ve had in quite a while, and I was glad it turned out so beautifully.

Artsy Couture review

I was very pleased with our Artsy Couture experience. I can recommend them for your own family photos or for beautiful photo gifts for the family this holiday season. (There is a photo cube that I think would be an awesome gift with pictures of the kids.)

Artsy Couture review

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