Keep Kids Reading All Year Long With a Reading Incentive Program

In our house it never fails. Kids will read often- or listen to me read often- all summer long… until they’ve completed at least one library reading program chart. But when the reading program is over, the reading lags as well. I recently went on the lookout to find some reading incentive programs that last all year long.

If you’re looking for ways to keep your kids reading even when summer is over and fall rolls around, try some of these reading incentive programs.

Reading incentive programs for kids

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Reading Rewards 

This program lets you set up a reading log for your children. As children read, they earn badges and move up levels. They can use their points for moving up to purchase rewards that you the parent have set. There are suggestions for what type of rewards to use without paying a dime. (There is a paid plan of this program for teachers. You don’t have to have a paid plan for your child to participate.)

Pizza Hut Book It Program 

Book It runs each year from October to March, and homeschoolers are welcome to register here. The parent/teacher sets the reading goal for the child. You can use time read or number of books read- choose whatever fits your child. When the child meets the goal, they receive a printed certificate for a personal pan pizza.

Book Adventure from Sylvan Learning Center

This incentive program is a program  you can begin using any time. It’s a little bit different than the other programs in that kids are quizzed on the books they read. Kids choose books from the hundreds available on the reading lists, read the book, and take a quiz. They earn points based on how they do and can use their points to “purchase” rewards. Some of the rewards are provided by Book Adventure or you can add your own. I’ll never forget the thrill of my oldest when she first won a free candy bar coupon (that was provided by the program not by me). Their are book lists for grades K-8.

Read to Succeed 

This is a program sponsored by Six Flags. If you live near a Six Flags, kids can earn a free ticket for six hours of recreational reading. The program only runs at certain times of the year. Currently it is scheduled to open again in October 2015.

Book Bingo

This cool reading incentive idea is a freebie on Teachers Pay Teachers. Kids will be motivated to read to fill up their BINGO card.

Book Challenge

A book challenge is a great way to encourage kids to read. You can make up your own challenge that encourages kids to read a certain number of books or books in certain genres. Or you can download this challenge- another Teachers Pay Teachers freebie.

Reading Passports

These passports let students collect stickers for every book they read. You can choose a designated prize for filling up the passport.

Create Your Own

If you would like to create your own program with your own goals and awards, I found these great reading record charts provided by Catholic Icing. She has blank charts as well as a forty book reading challenge and a one hundered book reading challenge.

Reading incentive programs for kids

I have two pretty voracious readers in my kids and two who just…aren’t. Keeping them reading is always a challenge. Using programs like these can help. Do you know of any other great reading incentive progrms? Leave me a comment!

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