Review of Bringing Maggie Home: Beautiful Fiction by Kim Vogel Sawyer

Having had the opportunity to read and review other books by Kim Vogel Sawyer, I knew I had something to look forward to with Brining Maggie Home. I wasn’t disappointed.

Review of Bringing Maggie Home; Christian fiction

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About the Book…

Hazel Mae lost her little sister Maggie while picking blackberries when the two were just children. The even changed her life and her later relationships forever. Diane, Hazel’s daughter, has never appreciated how hovering and protective her mother was while she was growing up, and she’s had a rough relationship with her mother for years because of it. Meghan, Diane’s daughter, loves her grandmother dearly and has always felt caught between her mother and grandmother.
When all three women end up at Hazel’s home, creating a family scrapbook, while Meghan is recovering from an injury, Hazel’s story begins to emerge. Diane and Meghan can understand more about Hazel and her insecurities as they learn about Maggie. And Meghan- a cold case detective- offers to investigate the case to discover what happened to Hazel’s sister so many, many years ago.

Review of Bringing Maggie Home; Christian fiction

My Thoughts…

This is a beautiful story. I love the way that the author uses the perspective of each of the three women throughout. The story changes from present to past and from Hazel to Diane to Meghan. This way of presenting the story allowed me to get to know each character well, and the characters were well developed.
The change back and forth from past to present was also a good way to watch the story unfold. I was able to “see” the events as they took place. And viewing the past events through the eyes of each character helped me to understand each one better.

I also loved that the characters in the story had much opportunity to talk about God’s love and grace, but the book isn’t at all “preachy.” Hazel is a Christian as is Meghan’s coworker and later love interest in the book. Diane is anti-Christianity and Meghan just has never had much interest. As the events of the story unfold, each of the characters is presented with the opportunity to get to know God more. And there are plenty instances of God’s hope and redemption spoken about, but it doesn’t come across too strongly.

This is story that I loved and one I can definitely recommend. I give it five stars and a PG rating for content. You can find the book on Amazon here.

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