Review of If We Make It Home: Fiction by Christina Suzann Nelson

Many books have heroes and heroines who are young and beautiful. Or at least they’re young. As I’ve gotten older, however, I’ve appreciated more and more reading books with middle aged- or slightly older- characters. I was especially intrigued by the description of If We Make It Home– a book that features not only one, but three, main characters who are all in their forties.

Review of If We Make It Home, Christian Fiction

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About the Book…

Ireland, Vicky and Jenna were roommates in Emery House at the University of Northwest Oregon. All three were strong Christians who encouraged each other in their faith. Each has a very different life now.
All three end up at Emery house when the college announces plans to tear it down. They’re saddened to find that their fourth roommate- Hope- has passed away. And all three decide- in a knee jerk reaction- to take a wilderness survival trip to honor her memory.
When trouble strikes the three find themselves alone and very unprepared in the wilderness. Through one harrowing adventure after another, the women fight to stay alive. And through it all, they begin to remember the people they once were.

Review of If We Make It Home, Christian Fiction

My Thoughts…

I’ve already mentioned that I appreciated the age of the main characters in this book. I can relate to these people- especially to Jenna, a middle aged mom whose triplets have just headed off after high school graduation. The book is narrated by each woman in turn, and this gives an interesting perspective as the reader “watches” the change in each woman throughout their experience.
This alternating first person viewpoint is great for developing each character fully, and I felt as if I got to know each one well. The book is also in present tense. I don’t always like books in present tense, but it works really well in this one because the women are in a moment by moment struggle to survive, and present tense allows the reader to be right there with them.
I can definitely recommend this one. I give it five stars and a PG-13 rating for content (the things they encounter are often brutal). You can find the book on Kregel here or on Amazon here. You can read a free excerpt from the Kindle version here.

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