Six Things to Consider When Choosing a College for Your Homeschooler- And a Look at Spartanburg Methodist College

This past school year, we reached an awesome milestone in our homeschool. My oldest daughter graduated from high school and headed to college. Fourteen years ago, when I was knee deep in preschool activities and keeping up with toddlers, this day seemed far, far away. But it really came so quickly.

Although we’ve never made college a requirement for our children, as two, now, have headed into their high school years, my oldest knew from middle school that she wanted to go to college. In her freshman year she became very interested in science- especially biology. And the careers that she’s researched all lead her down the college path.

Things to consider when choosing a college for your homeschooled student

{This post is sponsored by Spartanburg Methodist College. All opinions are my own.}

I attended college, but that seems so long ago now (and maybe it really is), and things have changed in the twenty plus years since I began researching colleges for myself. When we started the college search for my daughter, I realized how many things there were to think about. And, as we started finding colleges, I realized how many colleges are out there.

Even though the big name universities often get mentioned, some of these smaller colleges offer kids amazing opportunities. Because I have a college-aged student and another high school senior who is still considering the options available to him after high school, I was really excited to have an opportunity to learn about Spartanburg Methodist College for this sponsored post. This college, while small and lesser known, has so much to offer- especially for our homeschooled kids.

(This post is sponsored. I was compensated for my time. All opinions are totally mine and are honest ones. I love to share great things with my readers!)

Here are six of the top things to consider when- and if- your high schooled homeschooler begins to think about college. And I’m taking a look at Spartanburg Methodist College and all they have to offer as well.

What majors does the college offer?

Although many kids will change majors- some may change multiple times- it’s good to have some idea of an area of study that they are focused on. And it’s important to consider this when looking at college choices.

Most colleges have a section on their websites where prospective students can find all of the majors offered. It’s also a great idea to go to an open house or college preview day and ask questions about majors that your student is considering.

What resources does the college offer to help students after graduation?

College is not the end game. Even students who love school and learning- like my oldest child- can’t stay in college forever. Graduating from college needs to lead somewhere. When we help our kids consider colleges, we need to look at what’s available to help students take the next step.

Are there internships available? Does the college offer two-year degrees? Four-year degrees? What statistics are available to show what kinds of jobs graduates can find? Are there career services available to help students as they move on to life after college? All of these questions are important to consider as you’re thinking about where the college degree can take your student.

How much does it cost and what scholarships and financial aid are available?

It would be nice to be able to consider every college without having to worry about the cost. But most of us can’t do that. The tuition costs do matter. And as our students are considering colleges, we need to think about the cost and any scholarships or financial aid available.

Before we began researching colleges with my daughter, I thought that a private college would be out of the question because of tuition. But what we found was that, although tuition for these colleges is indeed higher, there are also abundant scholarships, as well as other financial aid options, at many of them. Don’t automatically write off private colleges. Take some time to research cost as well as what aid is available to help pay tuition.

How big is the college?

My oldest daughter often gets anxious in large crowds. I don’t think this is a “homeschool thing” because I have other children who don’t really care about being a part of a crowd. I think this is a personality thing. Some people function better in small groups, small classes. And some don’t really care.

Even if your child doesn’t care about being a part of a large group, the size of the college can be important. It can affect class size- especially in the undergraduate classes. And it can affect the student/advisor ration when it comes to academic advisors. This may be something that is really important to you or something not very high on your radar, but checking out the size of the college is a good idea.

Does the college have a religious affiliation?

This is another one of those things that some people may really care about, while it’s just not that important for others. But it’s definitely something to consider. Whether or not a college has a religious affiliation can affect the worldview of the professors. It can influence the rules for residence life. It can determine the kinds of textbooks and resources that will be used in classes.

My daughter was interested in looking for Christian colleges. The worldview of the professors and the materials used is important to her. For some students, this may not be as important. That’s okay. But religious affiliation is something to consider when you’re doing your college research.

Does the college encourage the enrollment of homeschooled students?

All colleges- at least as far as I’ve seen- accept homeschooled students. But we’ve come across some that actively encourage the enrollment of students who have been homeschooled. This was an important consideration for us because we felt that colleges who actively encouraged homeschooled students to enroll would also be a great support for students who may have had a little different experience in high school.

My kids have never changed classes- except in the setting of our small high school co-op. They’ve never stood in line in a crowd for lunch. They’ve never raced the clock to make it through the building, down the sidewalk, and into the classroom. And no matter how well prepared they are academically, I know some of these things will be difficult. For that reason, I like the idea of them attending a college that encourages and supports homeschooled students. That college is more likely to offer help as they learn how to handle some of these things.

Things to consider when choosing a college for your homeschooled student

Spartanburg Methodist College

A Private, Residential, Liberal Arts College

Spartanburg Methodist College is a small, private college located in Spartanburg, South Carolina. It’s a two-year college that offers a variety of options to students after they complete their two years. The school is affiliated with the United Methodist Church but welcomes students no matter their personal beliefs.

The college is a good choice for homeschooled students because they offer students either a two-year degree or assistance in completing a four-year degree. And we homeschoolers love flexibility! They have a small, supportive environment and the professors serve as academic advisors for the students. This is great because students get assistance choosing the courses to take and deciding what to do after their initial two years.

The fact that the college is a Christian college is also nice if your student is looking for an environment that will help her to grow in her faith in college. Spartanburg Methodist College offers weekly chapels as well as campus organizations that will encourage kids’ spiritual growth.

Because the college is encouraging homeschoolers to enroll, you can register with no application fee using the code homeschool. 

Find Out More About the College

~ You can attend an Open House on October 21, 2017.

~ Schedule a campus visit any time of the year.

~ Request more information.

~ Watch an interview with Spartanburg Methodist College students who were homeschooled.

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Catch the college on Instagram with the handle @smcinsc.

Whether you have students headed into high school or you are still in the throes of homeschooling preschool, the day will likely come when you’re thinking about college. Keep these six considerations in mind and check out Spartanburg Methodist College.

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