A Christmas Carol: A Christmas Read Aloud and Literature Extension Activities

A Christmas Carol is a Christmas classic. There are many, many movie versions as well as literature versions of Charles Dickens’ timeless tale. If your kids haven’t heard a version of the story, a picture book is a good way to introduce it.

A Christmas Carol by Adam McKeown is an abridged version of the classic. It has great illustrations and is a succinct version of the original story. Kids will get all the highlights, with great pictures, in a shortened book with language that they can understand.

This post is part of the Five Days of Classic Christmas Books and Activities for Kids series. You can find the other books in this five day series here. In this post, you can find activities- for learning and for fun- to use along with A Christmas Carol.

Literature extension activities for A Christmas Carol #literature #homeschooling
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Don’t forget to pick up your free Christmas notebooking pages here as well.

Learning Activities

Older kids might enjoy acting out the story with the script at Kidsinco.

Learn more about Charles Dickens at Biography.com. And as you study his life you can use these free author study notebooking pages.

BBC Primary history also has a great page of information about Charles Dickens’ books and his life.

Learn about Victorian England from BBC Primary.

Primary Homework Help also has some great facts about Victorian England.

What was life like for children in Victorian England? This site has some information.

Kids can record the elements of the story with this free graphic organizer.

Crafts and Fun

Print these free graphics to make your own A Christmas Carol book.

Make a Victorian Christmas ornament with this free printable and instructions.

This site has an interesting Victorian paper craft for kids.

Plan a Victorian Christmas Snowball Dinner with the kids.

Make your own Christmas Plum Pudding.

Other Resources

This Charles Dickens site has some good information about A Christmas Carol.

Watch the book with pictures and text in this story telling video.

You can hear the entire original book read in episodes at BBC audio.

If you have older kids, Shmoop has great in-depth notes for A Christmas Carol- the original book- including a cute synopsis video here.

Victoriana Magazine has a very interesting account from Dickens’ daughters about Christmas with Charles Dickens.

The Dickens and Christmas site has some great information about life in Dickens’ time as well as information about how he came up with some of the characters in A Christmas Carol.

Confessions of a Homeschool has a great lapbook for A Christmas Carol. (This one isn’t free, but I’ve used her lapbooks before and loved them.)

There are many movie versions of A Christmas Carol. Two of my favoites- The George C. Scott movie from 2014 and Mickey’s Christmas Carol.

Literature extension activities for A Christmas Carol #homeschooling #Christmas #literature

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