Books and Unit Study Resources for the Football Lover and FREE Football Quotes Copywork

Football is very popular in our house. That wasn’t always the case. When I first married my husband, I couldn’t have cared less- unless I had the opportunity to go to Clemson and watch the Tigers play live. But after some time married, my husband had effectively interested me in the game. In fact, he sometimes thinks he’s created a monster.

I’ve crossed over into the realm where I can watch a football game just for the joy of football- even if neither of the teams are “my team.” And I have an order of favorite teams and try to cheer for them regularly. My husband and I, along with the two oldest kids, keep a friendly contest of game picks going on throughout the football season. (As I write, I’m ahead for this season!)

Football unit study resources

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Whether you happen to love football or you don’t particularly care, you may have a child that will get excited about the sport- playing or watching. If you want to follow up that interest with your academic learning, here are a booklist and some great educational and fun activities that you use to create a football-themed unit study. 

By the way, if you’ve never created your own unit study, and you’d like to start, you can find five simple steps as well as a free unit study planner in this post. And…don’t forget to pick up your free football quotes copywork here.


The Everything Kids’ Football Book: All-time Greats, Legendary Teams, and Today’s Favorite Players–with Tips on Playing Like a Pro by Greg Jacobs- elementary to middle grade readers

Big Book of WHO Football from Sports Illustrated Kids- primary grades and up
My First Book of Football from Sports Illustrated Kids- primary grades

Football With Dad by Frank Berrios- preschool and primary grades

The Dog That Stole Football Plays by Matt Christopher- primary grades

Kick, Pass, and Run by Leonard Kessler- primary grades

My Football Book by Gail Gibbons- primary and elementary grades

Little Football by Brad Herzog- preschool 

Football unit study resourcces

Learning Activities

Find a free football terms word search here.

3 Dinosaurs has a free football printables pack with all kinds of learning activities.

Make a football math bowl file folder game with these instructions from Stir the Wonder.

This Football Field Goal STEM Challenge is free at Teachers Pay Teachers. (You do have to have a free account to download from TPT.)

Make a fun football-themed counting activity with this free printable from Sunny Day Family.

Kids can practice sight words with this fun activity from The OT Toolbox.

Let kids practice math skills with this Superbowl Score-It! game from Creekside Learning.

Learn all about football, including its history and rules from this Ducksters page.

The official NFL site has a Football for Beginners page that will help kids learn specifics about the rules and scoring.

Amanda Bennet has a five day, downloadable, football study. This one isn’t free, but is a nice already prepared study if you want to explore football but don’t have time to create a study yourself.

Find a free football lapbook at Homeschool Helper Online.

Fun Activities

Find six simple football-themed game suggestions at Playworks.

Kids of all ages will love this football painting activity.

Kids can decorate their own football helmet with this free printable from Kids Activities Woo!

Kids can learn to draw a football player with this simple tutorial from Art for Kids Hub.

This fun craft will show kids how to make a football with tissue paper and a paper plate.

Make a cute woven football with this craft from JDaniel4’s Mom.

Use potatoes as stamps to paint footballs.

Get a free printable from Simple Play Ideas to play Football I Spy.

Enjoy this football season with a fun interest-driven unit study. Don’t forget to grab your free copywork!

Free football copywork

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