The Wild Christmas Reindeer: A Christmas Read Aloud and Literature Extension Activities

Jan Brett is a well-known children’s author, known for her humorous stories and great illustrations. I have several of her picture books, and I still enjoy reading them- even though my youngest child is almost a teenager.

The Wild Christmas Reindeer by Jan Brett is about a young girl who lives in the Actic region and is tasked with training the reindeer for Santa’s sleigh for the coming Christmas. Things don’t do so well for her until she realizes that she needs to take a different approach in her training. Like other Jan Brett books, this one has meaningful illustrations on the side of each page. These are a countdown through the month of December.

This post is part of the Five Days of Classic Christmas Books and Activities for Kids series. You can find the other books in this five day series here. In this post, you can find activities- for learning and for fun- to use along with The Wild Christmas Reindeer.

Literature extension activities for The Wild Christmas Reindeer #literature #homeschooling
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Learning Activities

Learn about the Arctic area where Teeka lives from National Geographic Kids.

The wild reindeer live on the tundra. You can learn more about the tundra- including a look at the map that shows where it’s located- from this video.

PBS has another great video about the Arctic, including a look at some of the animals that live there.

Use a blank world map to color the Arctic area. (The first video above has a map that shows the Arctic areas.)

Kids might not know that, although Santa is make believe, reindeer are real. This video gives some good information and pictures of real reindeer.

Kids Play and Create has a page with some interesting reindeer facts.

This is a cute reindeer-themed writing activity for little kids from Scholastic.

Kids can write about their own pet reindeer with this free printable.

Crafts and Fun

Make a cute reindeer ornament with these instructions.

And here, you can find a 3D paper reindeer craft. (You have to scroll down past some other Christmas crafts.)

Create some crazy reindeer art with this project.

Kids can play this fun game to draw a reindeer.

Print a free color by number reindeer here.

In the sidebar of this book, you can see a countdown to Christmas on each page. Make your own Advent calendar to count down to Christmas with one of these cute ideas from the Parents site.

Other Resources

This video is a good read aloud of the book.

Jan Brett is the author and illustrator of many kids’ books. You can learn more about her and see her other books at her site here.

Scholastic has some fun extension ideas for this book.

Homeschool Share has a free lapbook to go along with this book.

If you want to learn more about Jan Brett and read more of her books, you can get this author study at Teachers Pay Teachers. (This one isn’t free.)

Literature extension activities for The Wild Christmas Reindeer

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