'Twas the Night After Christmas: Some Post Christmas Ponderings

All the hubbub and planning and gifts are over for the year. Now what? What's left when the Christmas excitement is through?

Post Christmas thoughts

Twas the night after Christmas, and all through the house.
All the creatures were stirring, but thankfully not a mouse.
The gifts had been opened with presents and toys,
And the kids were all playing with wildness and noise.

The wrappings and gifts were strewn round the tree:
So many things there, no floor could I see.
The sounds all around me led me to believe
That all of us were ready some sleep to receive.

There were sounds of Legos, doll play, and games,
While I also heard one call another one names.
When I went to inspect, I tripped over the mess;
And when asked "Can I have more candy, Mom?" I answered, "I guess."

I sat down and surveyed the chaotic scene,
And I wondered if we'd lost sight of what it all means.
But I saw a sad sibling getting hugged by another,
And I saw them having fun and playing with each other.

Surrounded by all of the candy and toys,
We're trying to teach them of permanent joys.
We're trying to put away all of the mounds of stuff,
And teach them that Jesus is more than enough.

I know in my heart that this lesson isn't taught
In one day of celebration or one Advent Wreath bought.
It's taught in the lives we live out day by day,
In the way that we choose to live, work, and play.

The choice to glorify God, to live lives in His praise,
Is one that we must choose to make each of our days.
My desire is for my children to know
That it's not just on Christmas Day we can our love for God show.

And so as we end our celebrations for this year,
The message for myself and for my children to hear
Is that we can ever seek to love God with our behavior
Because all year long He's our Lord and our Savior.

© Leah Courtney @aswewalkalongtheroad.com


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