Great Homeschool Curriculum Resources for Kids Who Love Coding

My son had a brief interest in coding and computer programming when he was a middle schooler. Although he still likes computer gaming, his interest in coding faded, and he moved on to other things. I thought that, perhaps, the fascination with all things programming had faded away for my kiddos. But my youngest daughter has shown a spark of that interest too.

Rachel is a kid who thinks in patterns. She’s great at math and is super creative. Coding and computer programming is right up her alley. Unfortunately it’s not an area that I excel in. Although I enjoy all things tech, I just haven’t devoted time to learning to code and create programs.
Because it’s not my strong suit, I’m always on the lookout for homeschool curriculum resources that can encourage my daughter’s interest and abilities in coding and computer programming. If you also have a child who is drawn to all things programming, I’ve found some great supplemental resources that we can use to teach our techie kids.
Homeschool curriculum for computer coding and programming
{This post is sponsored by Homeschool Buyer’s Co-op, and I have been compensated. All opinions are entirely my own, and I only recommend things I do or would feel good about using.}
One great resource I’ve found when I’m looking for any kind of homeschool curriculum is Homeschool Buyer’s Co-op. They usually have a huge variety of resources from many different companies and publishers. And their prices are awesome! For example, you can find Science & Technology savings up to 95%!  I’ve found some great deals there. They also have some great coding and programming resources.

The Homeschool Buyers Co-op has an award-winning selection of science and technology products, including core science curriculum and supplements, coding and programming courses, hands-on experimentation, and more.

Code Combat

Code Combat is a coding resources for grades 4-12.

CodeCombat uses typed code, not drag­ and ­drop blocks, teaching students to use real typed code as quickly as possible. This is critical to learning essential computer science concepts, and allows for more creativity and flexibility. Students are free to solve problems however they see fit. What’s more, CodeCombat analyzes code as it is typed in real­-time, and offers a robust auto­-completing and hinting system that helps beginner and advanced students alike write proper, valid code.

CodeCombat offers web and game development courses that utilize HTML, CSS, jQuery, and Bootstrap. Students learn the following playing a real, interactive game:

  • Basic HTML, CSS, Web Scripting and more!
  • Arithmetic,Input Handling, Boolean Logic
  • Advanced Web and Game Development
  • Math Library Operations, Graphics and more!

The CodeCombat gives teachers a class-in-a-box solution, with course guides, wikis and more — everything you need to run a computer science class in your homeschool classroom today, no CS background required.

Code Monkey

Code Monkey is a resource for grades 3-12.

In CodeMonkey, your students will program an adorable monkey to get all its bananas back from the bad gorilla who stole them. As opposed to other beginning programming approaches that employ drag and drop block puzzles to teach programming concepts, CodeMonkey teaches real programming using a simple programming language called Coffescript.

Using CoffeeScript, your students will write real software code to solve a sequence of carefully constructed puzzles. As they do so, they will develop 21st century skills such as multiple-step thinking, perseverance, critical thinking and analytical thinking skills. Additionally, they will learn advanced Computer Science concepts such as loops, variables, functions, conditions and more.

When the 250+ challenges have been completed, your students can then apply their newly acquired skills to create their own games for others to play, and thus becoming real world software developers!


CompuScholar has classes for grade 6- adult.

CompuScholar’s online delivery system features fully integrated instructional videos, an auto-grading feature for lesson quizzes and chapter tests, an electronic gradebook, teacher notes for every lesson, and other user-friendly features!

  • Courses include:
  • Web Design
  • Game Programming with Visual Basic
  • Windows Programming (C#)
  • Java Programming
  • Android Programming
  • Unity Game Programming

CompuScholar brings over 20 years of programming experience plus their own homeschooling experience to the creation of the self-study programming coursesincluded in this offer! CompuScholar’s online computer skills and programming courses are a great addition to your middle or high school transcript. Each course is a turn-key curriculum that contains a full 1 or 2 semesters of daily lessons and hands-on projects.


CodaKid features specifically coding for Minecraft for grades 2-9.

CodaKid self-paced courses are designed to teach kids not only how to write code, but to thoroughly understand the concepts so that they can perform them independently.

Instead of using copy and paste techniques or drag and drop interfaces, CodaKid students gain benefit by writing real code with the same programming tools used at major software development companies throughout the world, including Google, Facebook, Intel, and more.

CodaKid courses teach students booleans, conditionals, loops, variables, methods, arrays, and more – and also help boost students’ proficiency in mathematics, problem solving, and critical thinking. With CodaKid’s unique blend of kid-focused instruction, students develop the confidence to navigate the world of cutting edge technology, and feel confident coding, iterating, and debugging.

Alpha Omega Publications Monarch Electives

Alpha Omega Publications has a variety of computer programming options available for middle school and high school electives through their Monarch program.
Some of their computer programming options include:
  • Principles of Coding- middle school
  • Fundamentals of Digital Media- high school
  • Fundamentals of Software and Development – high school
  • Web Development in the 21st Century- high school
Homeschool curriculum for computer coding and programming
With all of these great options, it’s easy to find resources for kids who love to code.

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