Mega List of Free and Frugal Online Homeschooling Curricula

I have a friend who was homeschooled “back in the day.” She remembers not even being allowed to play outside during the day time because the neighbors might report them for truancy. In those early days of the homeschooling movement, homeschool parents often even struggled to find curricula because little to no curricula companies were actually marketing to homeschoolers and most textbook companies would only sell to schools, not individuals.

Fast forward about thirty years, and now we as homeschoolers literally have the world at our fingertips with the internet. Besides the hundreds- maybe thousands- of publishers now marketing print materials to homeschoolers, we have access to an unimaginable number of digital and online resources. Anytime I’m looking for a resource to use with my kids, I can Google it, and usually I find a host of sites with resources that work. 
Don’t want to physically do that complicated science experiment in the textbook? You can likely find a video of the exact experiment or something very similar. Want to show the kids examples of art from a particular artist? It’s online. Want a new strategy for teaching multiplication? Find one online. Need a literature unit study? There are hundreds and hundreds out there- many free! (I have lots of free unit studies too!)

Free and Frugal Homeschool Curricula

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In this post I’m sharing a huge list of some of the online curriculum resources that are available to homeschoolers. Some of these are free and some are paid. I’ve tried to note besides each. I’ve divided the resources into subject when that’s applicable. At the end, I’ve listed some of the many sites that offer great printables for homeschoolers. These are just the tip of the iceberg since many homeschool bloggers- like me!- offer printables now and then even if that isn’t their main focus. I also included some sites that offer good educational practice but aren’t full curricula.

I did not include actual online schools here. In many of these you enroll your child just like a school. In that case, you aren’t really “homeschooling” in a legal sense. Although some of these are a great educational option, I didn’t include them here.

Multiple Subjects

Schoolhouse – This is a site from The Old Schoolhouse. It has resources for every subject, including electives and covers grades PreK- 12. There are even resources for parents. You could truly use it for your entire homeschool curricula. We’ve loved the high school electives especially! ($)

Kahn Academy- Kahn offers a large variety of subjects for K-12th grade. They have math, computer and grammar for K-8th. And they offer math, science, art, history, and computer for the high school grades. Their courses are mostly video based. You could use Kahn as your primary curricula, but keep in mind there aren’t really “grades” and some subjects don’t have much printed work that you could keep in a portfolio. So I’ve used Kahn as a supplement. (Free)

Easy Peasy- Easy Peasy All in One Homeschool is a complete free curriculum for K-12th grade. Basically they’ve taken lots of great online resources and compiled them into a very user friendly set up that will take you through each year of schooling. I’ve not used it as complete curricula, but I have friends who have and have loved it. (Free)

Time4Learning- Time4Learning offers online curricula for K-12th grade. I haven’t used all levels of the program, but I have done a demo of their elementary curriculum. Kids work online through the material. The program keeps us with grades and progress. ($)

Ambleside Online- Ambleside Online is a full Charlotte Mason curriculum based on living books for Grades K-12. They have booklists and lesson plans for each grade, and they even give you links to read many of the books free. (Free)

Hippo Campus- This site offers tons of free videos for math, history, science, and English for middle and high school. Like Kahn, you’d have to keep track of your own progress and grades. (Free)

Brain Pop- Brain Pop has lots of videos and interactive resources for K-elementary grades. They offer resources for a variety of subjects. Although you can get to some of these free, you need a paid account to access everything. ($)

IXL– IXL offers math, language arts, science, and social studies for K-8th grade and math and language arts for high school. You can pay by the how courses you want access to. ($)

Georgia Virtual Learning- This site has middle and high school courses for language arts, math, science, social studies, and fine arts. The content is interactive and self-paced. There is no grading system, so although it looks like you could use this as full curriculum, you’d need a way of assessing. (Free)

Language Arts

Homer– This is a learn-to-read program aimed at kids ages 2-8. ($)

Starfall-– Starfall has free resources and a paid membership. Kids can learn to read, beginning with the basics of letter recognition and continuing on through reading stories. There are a few math resources here as well, although most of the resources are reading focused. (Free/$)

Reading Eggs- This program offers resources on four levels for kids ages 2-13. Kids can go from letter recognition to reading for meaning. It’s a paid program, and there is a free trial. ($)

Future School- Future School offers complete a complete curriculum for English or math for grades K-12. There is a special option for homeschoolers. ($)

Scott Foreman Grammar/Writing Books– At this site you can find online grammar and writing workbooks for grades 1- 6. Each section downloads as a PDF file that you can save or print. (Free)


ALEKS- ALEKS is a complete online math program. It has instruction and assessments for grades 3-12. ($)

CTC– CTC offers a complete online math curriculum for grades K-12. Instruction is done through video and kids complete interactive lessons. The program gives grades and progress reports. I’ve reviewed CTC here. ($)

Future School- Future School offers complete a complete curriculum for English or math for grades K-12. There is a special option for homeschoolers. ($)

Alcumus– This is an online math curriculum focused on problem solving, particularly for gifted students. The curriculum is meant to be challenging. It’s free, but you do have to set up an account. (Free)

Thinkwell- Thinkwell is an online math curriculum for homeschoolers that offers video instruction and grading. They have classes for middle school and high school math classes. ($)

Math Is Fun- This site offers math classes based on Common Core standards for PReK-12th grade. Math lessons are presented in an interactive textbook style, not through video. There is no grading system, but the classes are all free.(Free)

A+ Interactive Math- A+ offers full math curriculum for 1st grade- algebra. Students learn from interactive lessons. There is also automatic grading and record keeping. I reviewed A+ here. ($)


Supercharged Science- This is a full curriculum for grades K-12th grade. Users pay a monthly membership for e-classes. The curriculum includes tests and quizzes as well as videos, science activities, and experiments. ($)

My Fun Science- My Fun Science offers science and math classes for middle and high school students. ($)

Science4Us- This program is a complete science curriculum for K-2nd grade. It’s marketed to schools, but it’s also a full science curriculum for homeschoolers. ($)

Uzinggo- Uzinggo is math and science for grades 5-12. It’s a full curriculum that also offers assessments and a parent dashboard so that you can keep track of your child’s progress. ($)

Science Shepherd- This creation-based science curriculum offers four courses- Biology, Life Science, Introductory Science, and Unearthing the Bible. The instruction is video based and there are labs in the biology curriculum. We’ve reviewed Introductory Science here. ($)

Lingo Bus- This program offers Chinese language instruction for ages 5-12. ($)

Middlebury– Middlebury Interactive Languages is a site that offers online language instruction for grades K-12. They have Spanish, French, Chinese, and German languages available. ($)

Free and Frugal Homeschool Curricula

Sites With Printables

Super Teacher Worksheets- Yes, you can find lots of free printables online, but Super Teacher has collected printables for a variety of subjects for elementary grades. I am not sure you could make your complete curriculum from this, but it’s an awesome supplement for a traditional homeschool curriculum or one of the online curricula listed here. You can read my Super Teacher review here. ($)

Dad’s Worksheets- This site offers tons of free math worksheets for all ages and grade levels. They are organized by topic or grade. (Free)

Math Drills – You can find all kinds of worksheets for drilling math facts- addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. We use these for speed drills (Free) You can find tons of worksheets here organized by grade or topic. There are resources for K-12th grade. (Free)

Fun Practice…Not Full Curricula

Grammaropolis- Teaches the parts of speech in songs- like the old time Schoolhouse Rock. There are quiz questions to check progress, but this isn’t a full curriculum. It could be used with any age that needs to work on parts of speech. ($)

Academic Skill Builders– This site has a variety of academic online games for kids. It’s free, and it appears that there is a paid version too. (Free)

Calculation Nation– Calculation Nation from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics is a free site with math games. You do have to create an account to login. (Free)

Sumdog– Sumdog’s games allow kids K-5th grade to practice math skills. It adjusts to the child’s ability level and rewards them for play. Most of the games are free to play, although there is a paid tier with more benefits. (Free)

Math Is Fun- The Math Is Fun site has lots of interactive games and math activities for a variety of ages and topics. (Free)

Star Toaster- Star Toaster has a unique online interactive book- Orphs of the Woodland. Kids read the story and learn and practice all kinds of academic skills along the way. They also earn coins to buy items and care for their own orphs. In addition to the computer version which is aimed at kids from 4th-7th grade, there is an app version that seems a little easier.  We reviewed Orphs of the Woodland here and later reviewed the app here. ($)

Need to organize all this curricula for each child? Use the curricula planner in this free digital homeschool planner. Open the planner, make a copy, and then you can edit it as you like. You can use the full planner as you make plans for the coming homeschool year.

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