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If you've been around the blog for any length of time, you'll know that reading aloud is one of my passions. Reading to my own kids has been such an awesome thing with so many benefits to our family, that I want to encourage other families to create a habit of reading aloud. I've blogged quite a few times about the benefits of reading aloud- even reading aloud to your older kids.

If establishing a regular read aloud time with your kids is one of your goals this year, this post is for you. Here I'm sharing read aloud suggestions for every month for different age groups. You can get a printable copy of these suggestions, as well as a printable Monthly Read Aloud Planner for free here. Choose one book or multiple books- depending on the age of your kids-, plan out the books you're going to read using the free Monthly Read Aloud Planner, and check off the books you've read each month. Some of the suggested books are holiday/seasonally themed. Others are just great books!

Free Monthly Read Aloud Planner
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The best way to create a habit of reading aloud with your kids is to choose a consistent time to read each day. Read in the morning before you begin schoolwork. Read during lunch while the kids eat. Read for a quiet rest time in the afternoon. Read as a family after dinner in the evening. Read before bed to help kids wind down. Whatever time is best, choose a consistent time and read, read, read.
(Don't forget to get a free printable copy of these monthly suggestions and a Monthly Read Aloud Planner here.)

January Book Suggestions

Preschool-Primary Grades

Upper Elementary and Middle School

High School

February Book Suggestions

March Book Suggestions

April Book Suggestions

May Book Suggestions

June Book Suggestions

Free Monthly Read Aloud Planner

July Book Suggestions

August Book Suggestions

September Book Suggestions

October Book Suggestions

November Book Suggestions

December Book Suggestions

Little Women

Need even more suggestions? Check out my free living books catalog here.Enjoy these suggestions as you plan your read alouds for the coming year. And don't forget to pick up a free printable version of these suggestions and the included planner printable in the Monthly Read Aloud Planner.

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